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Whatever happened to Chocolatier Magazine?

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What happened to Chocolatier Magazine?  I wonder if anyone knows of a website where I can get the recipes they had printed.

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they consolidated it with their other publications (post #69996, reply #1 of 19)

Chocolatier, Pastry Art & Design, and another that focused on frozen desserts were merged to be Dessert Professional.


I was subsribing for awhile, but let my subscription run out. It's not very professionally done. Lots of typos and poor photo quality... and it's expensive for it to be so unprofessional. And a lot of the date sensitive material (events, demos, and things) had expired prior to the magazine shipping!  I prefer Pastry and Baking NA more, and subscribe to that instead. You can read that one online. Great stuff in there:

Chocolatier used to link to the Godiva chocolate website for its recipes. They had a co-op thing going. I just looked, and Godiva still has a recipe area (on the bottom of the page) but I do not know if the recipes are still linked with Chocolatier magazine. I looked some of them over, and I seem to recollect some of the recipes from my old Chocolatier magazines -- like the chocolate bat shaped cookies and a white chocolate cheesecake. I'd put money on it that they are still Chocolatier recipes, but that since the magazine is defunct (for all practical purposes)  there is no longer a reference.

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Never heard of it! (post #69996, reply #2 of 19)

Never heard of it!

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Chocolatier magazine (post #69996, reply #3 of 19)

I loved that publication -

Have issues from Chocolatier dated 1986. wish it were still the same format. Looked through my copies

today thinking I'd renew ! And, thats when I found out the original publication is no longer same format.  :(

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I loved this magazine.... (post #69996, reply #4 of 19)

It might not have been perfect but I loved the idea and how each issue grouped into subjects and ideas. I am not the biggest chocolate fan in my house, but I still have all my old issues, can't bear to part with them.
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Looking for Chocolatier issues...mostly '80s, but also '90s (post #69996, reply #5 of 19)

My husband threw my collection out during a move...(less said the better)...and I would very much like to get some of the ealier issues, mostly the 1980s and 90s. One had a fudge recipe to die for, and there were a couple cakes  and cookies I would like to make again. Any ideas of receipe collections available, or a "best of" might help...  sigh....

thanks for any help

kkattelus (reply to me at the same name

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Back Issues of Chocolatier magazine (post #69996, reply #8 of 19)

Back issues of some of the Chocolatier magazines can be found at:


Hope this helps.

Kay  :-)

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Chocolatier Recipes (post #69996, reply #6 of 19)

They did publish two cookbooks with recipes from the magazine.  They are both available at amazon.

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Chocolatier Recipes (post #69996, reply #7 of 19)

I saw the one from 1999, would you happen to know the name and date from the other book they did?

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Peanut butter mousse (post #69996, reply #9 of 19)

I have lost this recipe, does anyone have it?


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Peanit Butter Mousse (post #69996, reply #10 of 19)

Do you have any idea what year the recipe was published? I have all of the Chocolatier magazines and will look for you if you can give me an idea of when it was published.

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White Chocolate Strawberry Bars (post #69996, reply #11 of 19)

Can anyone locate a recipe for White Chocolate Strawberry Bars from Chocolatier published before 1991. They are a basically a white chocolate cake with fresh sliced strawberries in the batter baked in a half sheet pan. When cooled you top them with cream cheese frosting and cut into bars. They might not be called exactly what I called them. Thanks

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White Chocolate Cake with Strawberries - July 1986 (post #69996, reply #12 of 19)

From pages 33 and 75 you will find the attached recipe:

WhiteChocCakeWstrawb.pdf264.51 KB
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looking for a recipe from the May 1987 Chocolatier magazine (post #69996, reply #14 of 19)

I see some of you have old copies of Chocolatier magazine.  I am looking for the recipe "The World's best Rogelach"

It is a wonderful recipe and have lost my only copy.  If someone has it I would greatly appreciate them sending it.

Thanks a million! It was in the May issue 1987


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hope this helps. (post #69996, reply #15 of 19)

hope this helps.

may1987.pdf3.69 MB
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Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Vol1,No7, Autumn 1985 (post #69996, reply #13 of 19)

I hope this makes your day a little better:

ChocPBMousse.pdf132.26 KB
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Complete Set (post #69996, reply #16 of 19)

My mother owns the complete set and is looking to sell it. Condition is like new. 

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Complete Set (post #69996, reply #18 of 19)

May I ask the details?  How much?  How many issues makes up the complete set?

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Looking for Recipe "White Chocolate Citrus Roulade" (post #69996, reply #17 of 19)

Can't find this anywhere.  I think it was in the March, 1987 issue of Chocolatier.  Any help would be very much appreciated.  Thank you, Faye

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brownie recipe from 1984 (post #69996, reply #19 of 19)

I am searching for a brownie recipe I made in college from a 1984 Chocolatier Magazine with Chocolate chip cookies ( and I think a glass of milk) on the cover. My Mother In Law threw out the magazine I had saved for over thirty years! It was a very simple recipe where you toasted the nuts and may have used only cocoa for the chocolate. Any help would be so appreciated!