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What do you do with Marscarpone?

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I can only recall using it a long time ago. I have a tub cause it went half off a the Fresh & Easy. Are there decadent side dishes to make from it, or is it an appetizer and dessert thing? No berries this time of year (althought someone did bring me some asparagus to include in dinner.)

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You could add it anywhere you want something really creamy I would think. I bet you could add it to mashed potatoes.

I believe in champagne...

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I've never made it, but there is a FC recipe for pasta with asparagus, lemon, marscarpone & asparagus that sounds yummy.

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That does sound good and I could make that and a simple herb rub pork. but I can't find the recipe I get no results.

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Thanks to both of you, for some reason this made be perk up. I'm headed to store.

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okay, I made it an everyone liked it. It is kinda like a grownup mac and cheese.

They asked what is was and what was on top, especially. I found it good, but a bit dry on the inside, I even added some milk once everything was tossed and it looked a little dry. I couldn't get fresh pasta (that was unflavored) at the last minute. So I used dry, good quality Italian pasta.

I forgot to split the Parm cheese. So the topping was one cup of shredded cheese mixed with 1/2 cup bread crumbs. So I put the 1/2 cup of parm in the sauce. Everyone liked the topping so much they said don't reduce the cheese next time.

If I make it again, I would make sure it is just a little saucier. Perhaps the problem was my using 1lb dry pasta instead of 1 lb fresh. Fresh would be more delicate, too. And I would load it up a little more with asparagus. I think this works best as a decadent dish.

Thanks for the suggestion. it was perfect with just herbed rubbed roasted meat.


Edit to say: I will make this again, when asparagus is in. I just will pay attention that all the ingredients are superb and all cooking directions are followed. I even left out the pine nuts this time.


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That is the standard Mother's Day mom requests it every year. It doubles easily to feed a crowd and is dead easy. Even the kids like it.

Water is a great ingredient to cook with, it has such a neutral flavor - Bobby Flay

Water is a great ingredient to cook with, it has such a neutral flavor - Bobby Flay

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I thought I remembered you mentioning it. Its been on my list to try, it sounds great.

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Second the Tiramisu. There are at least two recipes here on FC. I have made Joanne Chang's recipe twice, and it is great. Only make this when there are other people (who like coffee flavored desserts) around. It is very dangerous.

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I don't think that will work here, though I can see it for a party. My mother does not like it and I don't like most coffee flavored things, excepting, weirdly, coffee itself. I just don't like the taste of coffee combined with sugar.

And I am making a chocolate tart for dessert. I just saw I could have used it to make a similar tart. But going for the T&T. I will save the marscarpone for another time, it doesn' t expire yet.

The pasta sounds really good.


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I like it mixed with pureed roasted butternut squash for ravioli.