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Weekend cooking plans

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Well finally we have decent weather for a little outdoor gardening and while I just have Earthboxes to tend to, less time consuming than a garden plot, it is time to change the dirt and fertilizer.  My weekend cooking plans are short and sweet, a couple of loaves of bread, a new pasta for Sunday, and a gumbo for Saturday.

I am going to test drive two cute little pasta/corzetti stamps and try the lesson featured in FC's Handmade Pastas Culinary Schools video:

I watched the pasta coins episode last year and wondered where to find the stamps without ordering from Italy and it was during a search for a sturdy gnocchi board and polenta board that I discovered the stamps that I am going to be playing with on Sunday so my bread baking time will be limited to the good old Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day in case I run into pasta glitches.

So that is my plan for the weekend what are you all planning, anything special? 

Oh yea Pie, I'm stringing peppers until it warms up outside, couldn't help but think of you.  Big fat jalapenos were on sale so I bought those instead of the sad looking banana peppers/hot and sweet.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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weekend... (post #71131, reply #1 of 25)

ICD, those sound like great weekend plans!  I love those pasta stamps-- I saw Denise Jones had one too.  

For my weekend plans, I am breaking in a brand new stove-- very exciting, my first convection oven.  My mom was teasing me that I wore the old one out with Cook the Issue.  I have some frozen dough for those really yummy whole-wheat chocolate chunk cookies, so I will try out the convection on that, then maybe a roast of some sort.

I also need to eat up the butternut squash from last year's CSA, so maybe a gratin or one of the curries from the Create-your-own Thai Curry.  Ha, maybe I will add in some of the dried peppers that have been gathering dust in my kitchen!

Monday is Pi day (3.14), so I will be making a sour cherry pie!

Happy cooking everyone-- I look forward to seeing what you-all are making!


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New stove woohoo (post #71131, reply #2 of 25)

Well, have fun with the new stove.  Sure wish that I could bake a good pie, DH has reminded me over the years that his mom was a championship cherry pie baker, well that alone made me run for the hills.

Who is Denise Jones? 

Be careful with those peppers they can have some heat to them.

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new stove (post #71131, reply #3 of 25)

ICD,  Thanks, I broke in the new stove by cooking some bacon, then a roast pork, plus this sauerkraut and rye bread stuffing from Molly Stevens:

Then I baked some of those whole wheat chocolate chip cookies from dough that I had in the freezer.  Those cookies baked great in the convection oven.  I can't wait to experiment more.  

Have you made anything with your new pasta stamps?  (Denise posts as Legalcat-- she was in the Cook the issue 97, but didn't do the Cook the Issue 2010.)


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pork and Pork (post #71131, reply #4 of 25)

How better to break in a new stove, cook pork, fantastic.  So are you happy with the convection so far?  I use convection and conventional  oven features, like today, one loaf of bread baked and the other convection baked, much happier with the timing and baking of the convection bread the other took quite a longer and didn't come out as pretty, but tasted just fine. 

I just made that Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day, an overnight in the fridge, baked this morning, but the baking time was way off from the recipe, no way 20-25 minutes, more like 45-50 minutes.  The baked loaf had a bulge but not the convection loaf, no problem, I waited until it cooled and sliced it off and ate it, just had to do it. 

Convection Guinness-Gingerbread Cupcakes for St. Patrick's came out great and took 24 minutes.  I am so tempted to try one, but not without the icing.

All in all a good baking morning. 

Send me a pie recipe one of these days, I've never been good with pie crusts and I'd like to know which pie dish is better, I have a glass dish and one of those fancy Emile Henry dishes.

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cupcakes, convection (post #71131, reply #5 of 25)

ICD,  Those breads and cupcakes look great!  I am favorably impressed by the convection so far-- made granola this morning to work on getting rid of some dates I bought for fruitcake.  Two sheet pans cooked very evenly and faster than my old oven.  

Happy cooking!

We should discuss pie sometime-- I am still working on the perfect crust, etc.


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Green with envy (post #71131, reply #9 of 25)

I am so envious of your bread.  Bread is one of those things that I have not been able to get good at much less master.  My bread most often turns out like a brick.  I think I have to give up on the notion of time and just leave it alone until it rises to the point it is supposed to.  I am too much of a follower with it when it comes to timelines and I think that is what screws me up.

I had such a disasterous weekend of baking myself.  First my white loaf sucked and then I wanted to try 2 new muffin recipes both of which didn't turn out...ARGGHHHHH I am usually not this sucky in the kitchen.  Gotta work on tried and true next weekend to help with the baking self esteem :)

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I am not so much a baker (post #71131, reply #10 of 25)

OMG, I am the worst baker...find one bread recipe, and stay with it until you love it, keep the notes. I have a cousin that bakes the worst bread on earth and she swears that it is "grandma's bread", well maybe in her mind, but it isn't and reminds me of something that came out of a, not for nothing, bread machine, just a plain loaf of bread baked in a bread pan. She can't bake worth a damn nor can she make a real sauce. Give it your best shot gal, try another bread recipe, maybe a "5 minute a day" recipe, I don't love it, but it gets me into the bread making groove. Look for Sally and her bread baking, Bewitching Kitchen, I think.
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Sandwich bread (post #71131, reply #11 of 25)

I keep trying to make sandwich bread because my DH LOVES fresh white bread.  I have not hit the mark once.  Maybe free form is more my thing.  I have placed a request at the library for the 5 min a day book.  We'll see how that one works out.

Also, I was just reading up on white whole wheat flour made by king arthur.   I have never seen it sold in Canada, a friend is going to the US over a weekend next month so I have asked her to pick me some up because I can't get DH to eat anything whole wheat.  Have you ever used it?

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white bread (post #71131, reply #12 of 25)

I agree, bread is hard!  kitchengoddess, do you have a bread machine?  I like to make dough in the machine, then put it into a loaf pan to bake.  As for white bread, the recipe in Baking with Julia is very good.  I googled it up:

The King Arthur white whole wheat flour is good-- but start with plain white flour first to get your loaf going!  Can you get King Arthur bread flour?


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Bread Machine (post #71131, reply #13 of 25)

Pie, I sure didn't mean to insult anyone that uses a bread machine.  Hope you didn't take it that way.  Someone gave me one many years ago and I got rid of it because it didn't produce the bread that I expect.  I find that the food processor or mixer does a good job of kneading, but I like to knead by hand for most of the kneading time, after a while you get the feel of the dough as it should be, just takes a little patience, trial and error.

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bread machine (post #71131, reply #15 of 25)

Hey ICD, no insult taken at all-- I really don't like bread baked in the bread machine either!  I have the Zojurishi and find it does a great job with dough, but baking in the machine, not so much.  

kitchengoddess, good luck with your bread quest!  You are right to not worry about timelines-- sometimes the bread has to go at its own pace.  When you say it "fails", does it not rise?  You could start with pizza dough-- it doesn't really matter how much that rises!  Good luck and keep us posted!  At least the ingredients are cheap-- not like making croissants or something with chocolate.


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Pie, cakes, bread and pasta (post #71131, reply #16 of 25)

Pie, good advice, start with pizza dough, a very hot oven and good ingredients to build confidence.  I have made many pizzas in my life some good some not so much, but still better than paying the price for out or carry-out.

I'm not so much of a dessert baker, I cringe at the thought, don't ask me to cook and bake in the same day.

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Bread machine is worse (post #71131, reply #14 of 25)

Because DH loves bread so much a friend gave him a bread machine.  The thing has been used 3 times.  Once by him and twice by me in attempts at offering up a lovely freshly baked loaf of bread for breakfast.  We had worse results with the machine than with my lame attempts.  I have gotten better over the years.  I really hung up on the timeline and I know it...I just forget it when I am acually in the middle of baking the darn bread.

I will try your recipe.  I am willing to try ANY recipe.  I am a big fan of barefoot contessa but even her "no fail" recipe for bread has failed me more than once.

I personally would prefer a whole grain kind of artisanal bread but DH will not eat anything whole wheat (that is if he knows it is whole wheat...I have been sneaking whole wheat flour into muffins and quick breads for a while and he doesn't notice).

I cannot get King Arthur Flour.  I want to try the while whole wheat for muffins and stuff like that.  My friend will get me some.  I will maybe try again this weekend and see how it goes.

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Corzetti/Croxetti (post #71131, reply #6 of 25)

Oh what fun you and your daughter would have with the corzetti stamps to say nothing of the fact that you can customize them, try her initials.  I am probably going to make a spinach pesto with toasted pine nuts, but I am still eyeballing a simple butter garlic and toasted walnut version as well.

One hundred pretty little disks currently drying and I am going to freeze most of them, but I will have some tonight to go with a nice veal chop.  Bonus little pile of fettuccine for another dinner.

Making them is easy once you have the right thickness of dough.  I found that my KA second to the last setting was too thin, maybe thinner than the hand pasta roller by comparison, so I ultimately ended up at the 6th setting.

Great fun!  If I get a plated pasta picture, I'll attach it as well.

Yes we must get together on the pie topic, I'd love to make a great pie maybe not championship but a good one.

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Corzetti (post #71131, reply #7 of 25)

ICD, those are beautiful!!  I am so impressed, pasta is something I have not mastered at all.  Wow!


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"impressed" So now do I get a pie lesson? (post #71131, reply #8 of 25)

Hey the pasta was easy, and FC did a great lesson in the pasta the other sources being fabulous of course, you really need to try this! 

Plenty for the freezer and the spinach and pine nut version tonight was fantastic. 

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weekend project (post #71131, reply #17 of 25)

Here was my project for this weekend-- I took the pinwheel cookie recipe ( and made some smileys for my kid.  They came out better than I thought-- what fun!

Anyone else do any fun cooking?


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so cute! (post #71131, reply #18 of 25)

Those look so cute! how nice to spend that time together.

I made bread and lots of new meals.  I hadn't gotten my magazine until Friday and I already had my menu planning underway so I made a different type of chicken pot pie to try.  I'll let you know how it turns out when I have it for lunch later this week.

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Smileys (post #71131, reply #19 of 25)

Yep made that skillet lasagna and loved it!

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recipe? (post #71131, reply #20 of 25)

ICD, what skillet lasagne?  That sounds like a recipe I should try!

kitchengoddess, you have been busy!  


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Tracy posted a skillet lasagna (post #71131, reply #21 of 25)

I think that it was a food network recipe,  or at least that is where I found it when I couldn't do a search on CTC...I ended up making my own sauce out of 1 can San Marzano whole tomatoes and a can of petite dice tomatoes, cooked longer than the recipe calls for of course and I plenty left over to use in another recipe. 

I used an 11 inch nonstick pan, worked great for me.  The first picture shows all layers assembled before cooking, the second is two layers before the final layer, and the last picture is just because I didn't have a finished picture to post yet, but shows the lasagna finished in the last frame, none left to photograph now, so enjoy.

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lasagne (post #71131, reply #22 of 25)

ICD, thanks for the link and photos, that does look interesting.  I think the ricotta would be a deal-breaker for my kid, but I bet I could adapt it.  I love lasagne!

Tonight I am paging through the FC Chocolate special issue-- I need chocolate!  Maybe the Chewy Brownies.  

The weather is bad here (cold rain), so I also made some San Francisco Sourdough from Peter Reinhardt's Artisan Bread Every Day-- very good, will have soup with it tomorrow!


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Ricotta (post #71131, reply #23 of 25)

That is too bad as I found one cup is not that much for the lasagna.  Outta here for a few weeks so I'll check back when I can. 

Dying to bake some bread and use my new gnocchi board when I get back.

Have fun cooking and I'll be checking in to see what the heck is going on... 

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trip (post #71131, reply #24 of 25)

ICD, have a great trip!  Do you have any cooking plans with the grandkids?  


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Cooking plans with grands (post #71131, reply #25 of 25)

Pie, I'm not sure what might be on the agenda this trip, thinking that they might enjoy those cinnamon roll pancakes for one as both the children love cinnamon rolls and pancakes.  It is not often that they will eat the same things and the boy is such a picky eater.  I'm sure that make our own pizzas will be on the menu at least twice.

I'll check in here for a bit of sanity while I'm gone so I'll let you know if anything special is going on the table.  The biggest problem/hurdle is cooking tools as I have just about everything I need here and limited there. 

I'm in a bit of a cooking slow down so I'll take the current issue with me and make a few things from it while I'm gone.