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The Waiter's Revenge, etc.

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"When it comes to dishing dirt, few have more compelling opportunities than restaurant staff. Stories about bozo diners are legion, and now with a click, you can enjoy some of them, too."-

from my local newspaper:
i The Charlotte Disturber

*The Stained Apron

( Shares info about celebrities and what they tip, plus lots of other rants, advice on tipping, and Menu Manglings.

*The Waiter's Revenge

( Stupid customer yarns.

*The Bitter Waitress

( Underconstruction, but keep an eye on it.

*The Hostess Gripe Page

( What a hostess does and what she has to endure.

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I'm definitely going to check out the sites because I'm sure anyone who works with the public (and a
i hungry
public at that) has lots of tales to tell. Make no mistake, my heart bleeds not one drop for waitstaff - they may not make a good hourly wage but they clean up in tips. They are a delivery system, nothing more. I have never heard anyone say, "On Saturday night, let's go to Roy's Restaurant, the waiters are great."

I'm sure I'll get heat for this...but then what else is new. :p

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Good waiters in New York at many of the fine restaurants make 50-75 thousand a year. That is one place where it is done as an honorable profession as opposed to a part time college job. They will also chase you down the street if you stiff them.

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This reminds me of an article I saw in the Houston Chronicle about hairdressers revenge. When a hairdresser has a client that likes the "big hair" look and the hairdresser wants to get rid of that client they only put a little hair spray on so that the big hair falls down quickly. Guess it takes lots of hairspray to maintain that big hair look!