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vietnamian's rice reciepe?

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Hi!I'm a french cooker and i would like to know how vietnamians are eating (and also), prepare their rice.


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It is usually prepared with snipe

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At first, I said - oh, you guys are just being mean again- but then I thought, what Frenchman wouldn't know to say "Vietnamese". After all, France was involved in Vietnam for close to a 100 years!

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But would a Frenchman know how to say Vietnamese in English? Yannic does atleast have .fr in his e-mail address.

While Snipe are found in Vietnam, I have seen no indication that they are a common food (though cats were popular before the rat problem got so bad), so I'd guess M.C. is just living up to his name.

No sipe here

Just for M.C.

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Good point, Jay, and a great site. Think I'll go put my cynical ol' self in the corner for a while.
Now where'd I put my dunce hat?

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OK, How many checked out the Just for MC site? I did.

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But you can bet your boots that no Francophone would describe him/herself as a "french cooker" no matter what language he/she was attempting to wrestle to the ground. I say it's snipe.

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You people are really mean. You know what? Vietnamese is Vietnamien in French. That was a truly understandable mistake. Anyway, both words are probably far from the way Vietnamese call themselves...

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There's a magazine called Fine Cooking that one may reference, if one has an inclination.