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Valentine's Dinner Menus

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I have been asked to cater the annual Sweetheart's dinner at my church. It'll be around 70 people, and I need ideas for a Valentine's theme menu. HELP!

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Janet, why not try thinking in terms of colors, and tastes, that go with certain foods--

Red: strawberries (and other berries)
White: whipped cream, white chocolate

Once you get a theme down, I'll be happy to supply some brainstorms for you. (You don't have to concentrate on colors or taste, either--beets are red, and they color rice very nicely, even though you can add sugar to rice to make it sweet...etc.)

Best wishes, and let me know if you want more ideas--I have a ton!


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How about a spaghetti dinner - the couples can share a bowl and hopefully, end up with the same strand in their mouths like Lady and the Tramp. But may consider a pasta with a creamy sauce, something that feels sensual in the mouth. It can be a one dish affair with chicken in the sauce (I have included a recipe which follows, increase proportions as needed). Stay away from things on the bone as they can be messy.

You may be able to order heart-shaped brownies or shortbread cookies for the dinner from a local bakery - but make your order soon, you will need a bunch. A home-made truffle is a nice addition - chocolate = very sexy.

Will champagne be served? Now that's romantic.

(Does it show? My guy is away on business.)

c Fettucini with Chicken & Cream Sauce

c 1/2 stick butter
c 1 lg. onion sliced
c 1/2 lb. mushrooms, quartered
c 2 Boneless Chicken breasts cut into strips
c 1 lg. can whole peeled tomatoes, sliced
c 1/4 lb prosciutto, cut into shreds (chiffonade!)
c 1/2 pint cream
c Salt (if necessary)
c Freshly ground WHITE Pepper

Melt butter in large skillet. Saute mushrooms and when their water evaporates, add onion and saute till translucent (not brown). Toss in chicken strips and saute till white. Add tomatoes (no juice)and prosciutto. Once all ingredients are heated through, add cream and heat through. Taste for seasoning, the proscuitto will be salty - but if salt is needed, add carefully. Grind some white pepper into the saute pan and turn off heat.

Boil fetuccini till al dente and drain. Put a ladle of the sauce (only) into large serving bowl (to keep fetuccini separate) and add fetuccini. Plate a portion of fetuccini and spoon some of the chicken and sauce on top of the portion. Grated Parmesan may be added, if desired.

Alternatively, a "cordon bleu" presentation can be used, making this a two-dish meal. The chicken breasts can be thinly sliced and the proscuitto can be sandwiched between them with mozzarella for the second course. Bread and saute the "sandwiches", bake for about 20-25 minutes, and present with a spoonful of the sauce.

c (A quick home-made "truffle")

c 1 small can sweetened condensed milk
c 8 oz. UNsweetened Chocolate
c 4 oz. German Sweet Chocolate

c Powdered Sugar
c Shredded coconut
c Chopped nuts
c (For rolling)

Melt chocolates in top of a double boiler. When thoroughly melted, remove from double boiler, add condensed milk and stir well to combine. When mixture is cool enough to handle, roll into balls. Roll in desired coating - place on a cookie sheet to set - then store in airtight container. (Not Godiva but they are very rich!)

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Stay tuned, sequel to follow: "Sex and Chiffonade, Part II- My Guy Returns". LOL, and wishing
i I
was 40 again. Oh well, at least the memories are there! (sigh)

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Hey,you SGEH, You're never too old. Believe me. I'll never see 40 again either. If you serve something other than grits and gravy for Valentine's Day you might get lucky.

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Chiffonade, you're taking that stuff again. You should consider a 12 step program.

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Okay, you tell me what SGEH stands for and I'll tell you what
i I'll
be serving on Valentine's. Deal? (I just saw Sean's ears perk up.)

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I'm so far past forty, 2 of my daughters are there, but my memory isn't completely gone--wasn't there something said about an apron, a thong, and some chocolate sauce??

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Carolina -- if I were you, I'd just assume it stands for Sexy, Gracious, Elegant, Hostess (or Hussy, depending on your mood.)

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c Step one - Wear Thong
c Step two - Loosely tie Apron (bib style)
c Step three - Warm Chocolate Sauce (Not too hot for obvious reasons)

This is a G-rated site so I won't continue but I assure you, Mean Chef, drugs have absolutely nothing to do with any of my suggestions. (I don't need no stinking Viagra....LOL I know it's just for men - My guy doesn't need it either.)


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>Carolina -- if I were you, I'd just assume it stands for Sexy, Gracious,
Elegant, Hostess (or Hussy, depending on your mood.)


Is that a nice way of saying that my naivety is showing again, and that MC is just being his usual bad self? :-}

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Well, she got one word right.

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Mean, I guess someone as busy as you doesn't get a chance to watch much TV but you remind me so much of the "Adam" character from Northern Exposure. He was played to perfection by Adam Arkin.

Adam was an ornery, nasty, belligerent guy with whom people put up because he was a culinary genius.

I am betting you are a great cook with few friends (except us gluttons for punishment here at Cooks Talk...)

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And you said that you had no self esteem issues.
BTW, I loved Northern Exposure - filmed in my backyard.

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And we do luv the ol'----, don't we. Not sure
i why,
but we do.

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Nope, no self esteem issues here...just observing.

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Yes, but isn't "lovable OF" an oxymoron? I think he reminds me of my DH. Sometimes I think DH's only saving grace is that he makes me laugh!! That makes up for a lot. Just kidding, hon.

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For my valentine's dinner I plan on serving my man spaghetti with my special sauce, a bottle of red wine and my special pie with whipped creme for dessert. Try it!