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unforgettable mille feuille

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hi all! i just came back from a two week holiday, had no access for the net. i apologize for not answering any questions posted personally to me.

any way, i tasted yesterday the best mille feuille i have ever tasted in my life. they were really addictive. the cream was so good you could eat it all alone. and the somewhat sweet tasting phyllo in the mille feuille was so unbelievably light.

can anyone find me a very good recipe?  i need it urgently 

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Here are two that you may like:


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thanks alot. but i was thinking of even doing the pastry from scratch. anyway will try the cream recipe and will search for a quick puff pastry to make at home.

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Here's a link to Rough Puff Pastry.

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I've made puff pastry in my pastry classes three different ways (French, Dutch and quick puff pastry). To be honest, I think the hours of work do not outweigh the slightly less better taste of store bought puff pastry.... (at least that's what I'm convinceing myself of, ha!)

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helena, do you have LIDL supermarkets out your way?  The reason I ask is that they have the most wonderful all-butter puff pastry - really super.  Unfortunately, they stopped bringing it into Greece, but if you can find it, I highly recommend it.


In life, learn the rules so that you know how to break them properly.
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Yes we do! I had no clue about that, but now I'll be sure to check them out. Thanks Evelyn!!

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I'm not Helena, but we do have Lidl in Holland. And though it wasn't meant for me, thanks for the tip, I will check next time whether it's still available.

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Thanks for that tip! All butter puff pastry sure will beat the crap I bought at another not-discount supermarket. Quite a shame though that I need someone from Greece to tell me which German supermarket carries the best product ;-)

If I could I would send you a care package, but I am not risking another 8-week delivery for a small parcel again, at least not with perishables.

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that's OK, sweetie.  I fully believe that one has to make do without what one cannot access...if the LIDL puff pastry is not to be in Greece, then it is not to be.  For the short time I had access to it, I made the most amazing pastry concoctions. :-)  Actually, now I think about it, it's better for me (especially round the hip area) not to have it.LOL


In life, learn the rules so that you know how to break them properly.
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Instead of making puff yourself (not that easy) and instead of buying in a grocery, go to a good bakery - they wiiil ususally sell you good puff pastry.

Baking it properly is tricky also.  you need to dock it and weigh it down with a sheetpan.

Also if you want to make the finished product perfect, you will need European fondant

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