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Turkey Porchetta

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I am trying like heck to stay home for Thanksgiving this year and while DH loves turkey me not so much, I know that the perfect solution is the turkey porchetta for both of us and a couple of other guests.  I know it is a huge crime, but that darned old Butterball rolled turkey roast (disassembled and reconstructed), I think, is perfect for the recipe.  I've made it a few times and even for me the turkey non lover, I really like it all dolled up, better even on the rotisserie.

Simplify and go with what you know is my theme this year.  My usual sweet potatoes Byrum, cranberry conserve, potatoes not sure yet, but whatever the DH wants, and green beans in keeping with his family dinners, but my recipes.  I think that we discussed this at CTC and my faves are from Gourmet and Splendid Table.

So ladies, what's on the table at your house?   I'm excited!   I know that I am going to have to bake something, or not, creme brulee sounds good, maybe pumpkin?  Just looking forward a nice quiet holiday before I head west, again, for Christmas. 

BTW Evernote really comes in handy when I travel and I actually make menu plans, save and view on iPad, phone, or PC at my destination. 

FYI Switched to Living Cookbook this past year after a total crash of MasterCook and was it ever tedious to transfer what I could save, but I have two backups and certainly all of the FC recipes that I need to update this year. 

So hopefully FC will offer a new app soon, hint, hint.

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porchetta (post #71552, reply #1 of 3)

Hey ICD! 

Your Thanksgiving plans sound great-- I remember making turkey porchetta for the Challenge and it was delicious.  I am getting a Ho-Ka turkey (good but not outrageous), I may have to break it apart and make the porchetta (and the mole) again!

I'm going to the in-laws for T'giving itself-- alas, staying home is not an option.  Because we never get leftovers (especially the all-important carcass for soup), I am also roasting my own turkey, probably the Monday before.  I love turkey.  For the in-laws, I am going to try the Peter Reinhardt knotted dinner rolls, as I usually bring bread.

Pie might also be in the cards for "my" T'giving-- two of the cousins have Thanksgiving birthdays, so they usually do not serve pie, but do a birthday cake for one and a cheesecake for the other.  The aunt makes great cheesecake, so that is okay, but having no pie on T'giving, well, that is un-American.  I'm also eyeing the jellied cranberry sauce recipe-- I have some ancient frozen cranberries that need to be used up!

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!  kitchengoddess, I know you already had T'giving!


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Happy Thanksgiving (post #71552, reply #2 of 3)

I made the knotted dinner rolls (from FC 113) and they turned out great.  They were fun to knot and baked up buttery with a beautiful golden crust.  I would definitely make these again!


 P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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Knotted rolls (post #71552, reply #3 of 3)

Very nice indeed.  I only had to make two stuffings and cranberries (for 25) so I got off pretty easy, but their was so much food, too much really.  We had to be home early so DH could be at work at 4:30 a.m., some retirement eh?  I visited with a friend that was doing 25 days of cookies for her office on the base, she is so organized and has a calendar with each type of cookie marked off on specific days. 

Are you going to a lot of baking for the holidays, what no croquembouche?