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Toni's shower appetizers

tones's picture

Well, baby shower over and successful.  Thank you again, Tracy, ChiquiNo and others who added thoughts on phyllo dough appetizers.  They were sooooo good.  I made the cream cheese, spinach, and cheese ones and a spicy beef taco one.  I roasted poblanos and a little serrano chile and added a bit to my regular taco mixture.  Excellent.  I was asked, "You made these!?" Other comments included how they liked the flakiness. They looked so nice and professional.  Yea!  Thank you again.

Tracy, I was so busy getting ready for the shower that I wasn't reading on this site for a bit, but I remember seeing something about your shower was over and went well.  Yea you!

Has anyone made the pepita dip with serrano chiles?  I've made it twice now, and it is really good.  I made a mistake when I made it for the shower but I think it might have been a good mistake.  I put two of the 4 dips I made out on the counter.  (It was 2:00 A.M.)  I was suppose to put sour cream in the ranch dressing bowl and mistakingly put it in the pepita dip bowl.  I thought it was quite good.  It made it more of a creamy texture and I liked it.