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Time for Corned Beef!

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Is anyone else doing the what we refer to as "the annual corning of the beef"?  Fresh briskets are outrageously priced and no chance for a sale as I was told by one store, bought one.  Sam's sometimes has them and I got one for BBQ beef several months ago...I have poked around and am giving some thought to corning an eye round (never have done that and need a good recipe), also found a totally outrageous rib roast recipe that is so tempting to make since the roasts are always on sale around her and considerably cheaper than the brisket

I have ten for dinner and might do 1 corned beef brisket and the recipe above for the non corn beef eaters, sounds crazy wonderful!

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Julia corns a round (post #71619, reply #1 of 11)

Julia corns a round steak/roast. I have the feeling that eye round might not be the right shape to corn correctly. It is true that brisket is just never on sale any more, even if you get the whole thing like at Sam's.

I'm not  a huge fan of CB so just usually get one already done when on sale.

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Round roast or round steak (post #71619, reply #2 of 11)

Thanks Gretchen, just took a look in her book and she does list eye round as well as top or bottom round.  The picture is just awful, grayish meat, but that is easily remedied  using the same recipe that I use every year.  I do notice a longer brining time so I better go see if I have a roast of some kind out there, if not I know I have a sale piece of prime rib for that other crazy recipe from Canal House. No sales on brisket, what a crime and they have risen in price from last year.  I have a few guest that don't really care for corned beef either and I will have reached my fill of by the time that I pack up any leftovers for the freezer.  I just pulled out a chunk for hash or sandwiches so all of last years will be gone at last. 

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If you use Tender Quick or (post #71619, reply #3 of 11)

If you use Tender Quick or the like it will preserve the color.

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Corned Beef (post #71619, reply #4 of 11)

I have both the Tender Quick and the pink salt and just finished the brine with the pink salt.  If I find or decide to do another cut of meat I'll use the TQ as I have never used it before and don't know the difference between the two ingredients, never got curious enough to check it out.  I just always use the Charcuterie recipe.  Right now just hoping that my 4-1/2 lb brisket when corned will be enough for the CB lovers.  I swear one year I will make a note/take a picture of the brisket, before and after...

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I might be more tempted to (post #71619, reply #5 of 11)

I might be more tempted to mae pastrami from the corned beef. DD's DBF did the Charcuterie version of pastrami==with brisket. Said it was outstanding.

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Pastrami (post #71619, reply #6 of 11)

That is so funny, when all was said and done, two briskets corned beef and a small one for the pastrami of the same recipe, Charcuterie.  I think we talked of the short rib version once, but the short ribs here aren't too lovely at the moment, so I passed that up.  I'm beginning to think of St Paddy's day like Christmas, can I just leave and not do any of this work?

Smart ass husband says"you're the captain of your own ship" yea well don't invite 10 people for corned beef anymore lowly mate.

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Pastrami (post #71619, reply #7 of 11)

Hey Gretchen, I made a small piece of brisket pastrami-style following the Charcuterie recipe and I'll try to get it smoked today or tomorrow.  I love a really peppery pastrami so I hope I didn't overdo the seasoning on the meat, used much more as the recipe clearly states "as needed". 

It turns out that the brisket (Black Angus) that I purchased at HT was priced better than the Lowes Foods brisket that was not Black Angus.  All in all I have about 7 pounds to serve Wednesday night with I think braised cabbage and some kind of potatoes.  I bought another brisket to do Texas BBQ at some point.  No sales on that cut any time soon or ever, feedback from 2 stores, but then again they don't know what they're talking about half the time around here...there is one good butcher at Food Lion that I can count on for special cuts such as the thin Hawaiian cross cut short ribs, might check with him if I feel like crossing the bridge this busy tourist week.

Happy St. Patrick's Day...I'll be in DC visiting DD on TDY and recall raucous St. Paddy celebrations there in my younger days not sure what we'll do this trip.

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Sounds good. Since you (post #71619, reply #8 of 11)

Sounds good. Since you mention Black Angus, and imply it is "better" than other, I think that is just a marketing wonder of late years.. I pay no attention to it at all.  Just an opinion. 

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Black Angus (post #71619, reply #9 of 11)

Sorry meant to say that the HT  Black Angus was cheaper per pound vs the other, as for taste, I think that the Choice Reserve in any cut that I buy is always better beef.  I can only find it at HT though.

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I don't think we get that--or (post #71619, reply #10 of 11)

I don't think we get that--or I don't see it here. I will say that last week when they had Tbones on sale, I bought the cheaper cut, and it may have been the best steak we have had in ages. Just unusually good.

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Where's the beef? (post #71619, reply #11 of 11)

I know it is a crazy world of beef between stores, but HT does a good job , best that I can find around here...lacking in veal shanks, but so is everyone else...they all lie, "maybe next week", not ever happening in our store!  I have a chef that I am going to order through, but then again DC next week...I'll find veal shanks.

Have a good day....