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Technique for "curling" sca...

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Recently my husband and I dined at the famous Al Forno restaurant in
Providence, RI. One of our delights was a white pizza. It had a top
coating of scallions over the entire surface but they were tiny "curls",
almost like a steel wool pad. My question is: how was that done? My
guess might be to vertically hand -slice the scallions, then finely
slice horizontally and put in ice water (a la scallion brushes in
Chinese cuisine) to curl. What do you think? I really would appreciate
knowing how they do it.

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My guess is to cut them very thin (almost like shreds) and soak them in ice water for a while. That is how I make scallion brushes for my Peking Duck...Cut a scallion about 3 inches from the white section and without cutting all the way through, make "bristles" with the scallion - then soak in cold water. It makes the bristles curl.