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sweet, hot, smokey sauce

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sweet, hot, smokey sauce (post #71560)

I'd like to use leftover round tip to make tacos.  I'm interested in making a simple chipotle barbeque sauce for the beef.  I've used a recipe from Fine Cooking (chipotle in adobo, honey, tomato paste, mustard, soy sauce) which is good, but a bit too spicy for my little guy, and doesn't have quite the flavor I'm seeking.  Can anyone recommend a widely available bottled sweet barbeque sauce that I can mix with chipotles in adobo?  I would also welcome any recipe ideas.  Thanks.

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Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce is (post #71560, reply #1 of 1)

Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce is very good--but it IS BBQ sauce, not "taco" which I guess is OK too. Why not serve it on buns for BBQ.  I guess you are going to add the chipotle to just yours?  Adding cumin will give you a mild smoky-ness that he might like. Adding sweet smoked paprika is another way to get "smoke", as, of course, would liquid smoke.  personally, I just don't associate "smoke" with tacos.  ;o)

I have a recipe for western NC style BBQ sauce, but it is vinegary--and definitely BBQ also.

For tacos you could make a fresh sauce--tomatoes, onions, garlic, cilantro, cumin, chipotles to taste.  I have seen this done successfully with canned diced tomatoes.