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Summer Eats 2012

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Summer Eats 2012 (post #71671)

Has anyone else started cooking from this issue?

I made the chopped tomato and cucumber salad with mint and feta - pg 65 and the spicy glazed zucchini pg 81.

I left the olives out of the salad as I am not a fan and it was really good and refreshing.  The zucchini was delicious and I didn't find it to be spicy, which is odd as I am rather sensitive to spicy food.  Would definitely make both again.

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Summer Eats (post #71671, reply #1 of 9)

I made the Greek chopped salad and I have the avocado BLTs planned for tomorrow, but basically when I have the kids for 3 weeks I tend to cook easy dishes.  We will be making ribs and lamb burgers this weekend, so I might try the margarita ribs and from another issue Grilling, I want to try the grilled hoisin chicken in lettuce cups.

Report back on what you make from the issue though and when the kids leave, I'll get more organized about cooking again.

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zucchini! (post #71671, reply #2 of 9)

Hey kitchengoddess!

I have the issue, but haven't gotten around to anything-- thanks for the heads-up on the zucchini recipe though, I am always looking for different ways to do veggies. Ha, I will have to increase the spice for my hot-pepper loving husband!

We just got back from vacation, so I need to get cooking again-- the CSA veg box is piling in and I am up to my lid in beets and kale.

Cheers, Jen

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Dang pictures!! (post #71671, reply #3 of 9)

First they don't show so I inserted them, AND made them smaller, and now they are huge!!!

Oh boy!

Yeah, cottage time is next week and I always think I am going to be so creative when I am up there but truth is I look for quick and easy. Let's see if this new issue helps with that :)

So happy to see you posting.

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Summer Eats (post #71671, reply #6 of 9)

When we have nothing but hot days to deal with I try to keep the house cooler by not using the oven so we grill out a lot and with our new grill and thanks to Adam Perry Lang, we are cooking up some wonderful dishes. 

Last night I made a simple grilled cod, APL used halibut, but that is not a fresh fish around these parts and next time I'll use grouper fillets.  My side dish was the Roasted Green beans with Lemon, Pine Nuts, and Parmigiano that roasted indirectly on the grill.

I've just left the FC Summer Eats and Grilling special editions on the table and make something from each several times a week.  I want to make the bacon avocado sandwich, but I keep using the avocados for other things, like the grilled shrimp, corn, and avocado salad, fresh guacamole, and a new favorite, grilled avocados.


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Better to cook outside (post #71671, reply #7 of 9)

yeah, I hear you.  I had wanted to make a few things but with the heat I had been avoiding them.  Also this issue was really good for me at the cottage as I don't spend much time with meal prep.  The meals were very good and didn't require a lot of work (at least not the ones I chose).  Will certainly keep it handy as it has been a very good source :)

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Grilling (post #71671, reply #8 of 9)

I have had so many grilling successes lately and my house appreciates it as my ovens and range really pump out the heat in my little kitchen, but finally my exhaust fan is again in operation and I can even do some grilling when it rains or for short cooking time recipes.  I did one chicken recipe and one fish recipe on the indoor grill top and they were quick so I didn't have to leave the grill on too long. 

I normally prep my meals as much as I can early in the day to avoid a rush of preparation at dinner time and with DH doing some of the grilling, I can sit back and relax a bit.  Asian is on the menu today so you can figure on a lot of prep work, the thin chops are already marinating and will just need a little grill time.  Then I'll serve all the goodies for lettuce wraps instead of making an Asian Salad as I first thought of doing and a warm bowl of coconut Jasmine rice...I'm hungry already, but back to chores of the day.

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Let's try again... (post #71671, reply #4 of 9)

I am just going to post the pictures for now and then come back and edit it because I am having a lot of issues today...sigh...


Edited to add---

Given that I had a long review of the food that then was magically lost I am just going to put the basics

Used chipotle instead of ancho chile power for the skewers and a yellow mango as I prefer them.  They were really nice and easy to make.

The spinach sautee was very yummy, loved the mix of the raisins with the pine nuts and the spinach

Turkey sandwiches were and absolute winner.  I loved the combo of the chutney with the cheddar and the turkey. I nearly didn't do the cumin butter on the outside but it was well worth the extra step. I don't have a panini press so I just used a skillet to grill the sandwiches.

The warm salad was very good, was too lazy to core the tomatoes but the extra juices added to the pasta sauce. I had never tried romano shaved and it was so nice and salty...I would make this again too.

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Thanks for the pics! (post #71671, reply #5 of 9)

The pictures show beautifully; you really did a great job.  The food looks so yummy!

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wow (post #71671, reply #9 of 9)

Holy cats, you two have been cooking up a storm! Keep it rocking, I just got back from vacation with the folks (Camp Grandparents!) to an empty fridge and a complete lack of inspiration!  I'll be browsing here, trying to get excited about cooking again-- at least it's cooled off in Chicago, for a while.

Cheers, Jen