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on the subject of meatball recipes

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I finally got around to trying the A16 version. Mindful of ICDOCEAN's experience, and as always, doing my own thing, I changed the recipe a bit. I used a pound each of the ground pork, and ground beef ( I ground these, with the dry spices, and proscuitto, myself). I used my own dry, fine, bread crumbs which I tossed with the parsley and garlic, then mixed with the eggs, milk, and ricotta, then added the whole mess to the meat mixture for a quick hand toss to incorporate. Totally forgot the parm cheese, but had some on top at the end when serving.

Followed the tomato recipe - mostly - I used muir glen fire roasted tomatoes that I gave a quick wizz with the stick to, so it was probably looser than the recipe called for. I only baked the meatballs in the sauce for 2 hours rather than the 2.5 called for

At any rate, these were a hit. Not mushy at all. Flavor was superb. I think with only 10 oz each of the meat, and "wet" bread crumbs, they would have been mushy, as IC stated.

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