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Soup Week Challenge Vote!

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Congrats to ICDOCEAN for making the editors’ top soups list! Everyone can support her by voting for her soup via the poll at the bottom of the post. Thanks to everyone from the CooksTalk community who entered a soup in the challenge. You all continue to inspire!

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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the vote for the soup challenge (post #71086, reply #1 of 15)


I am very happy to be one of the 5 finalist

I have more than a thousand thumbs up because many people thought that would vote that way but then i saw the other page for voting . The problem is because that's the page i first posted for voting .  Does the votes on the page of my soup for the maya king count?   It would be sad of they don't.

thank you 


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Voting (post #71086, reply #2 of 15)

Hi Karen,

Congrats! There's still time to drum up your supporters and have them vote using the poll embedded at the bottom of the post. It's the poll that will determine the grand prize winner. 

Good luck. . .and thanks for all the wonderful soups you shared with us!


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I hate to say it publicly--so (post #71086, reply #3 of 15)

I hate to say it publicly--so it IS a popularity contest? To get "hits" on the FC site?  So in the future for these we can expect entries from bloggers, and then they can bring their readers to the FC site to vote for their "favorite".  Yeah, that's the way to say WHAT SOUP TASTES THE BEST AND VOTE FOR THAT  ;o(

Great contest for a cooking magazine to run? You NEED to take a look at this and say, wow, that doesn't make sense for a first rate cooking magazine, guys. But no, I am pretty sure you will opt for the (cheap)  hits that a blog contestant will bring in--you don't even have to pay for marketing. At least make the playing field LEVEL.

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It's not a popularity (post #71086, reply #4 of 15)

It's not a popularity contest, Gretchen. We put our challenges together to get our communities cooking. . .and because we've got a good prize to give away (thanks to Emile Henry). It's supposed to be fun.   

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Do you really think one (post #71086, reply #5 of 15)

Do you really think one thousand of KarenDana's admirers really made the soup?  You must know deep in your heart that this "contest" is just plain silly. 


Harebrained lagomorph, prestidigitations exist for pre-adolescents.

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Thank you Gretchen and Robyn for clarifying things (post #71086, reply #6 of 15)

The challenge was fun.

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Congratulations ICD (post #71086, reply #7 of 15)

Hey ICD, even though you didn't win, your runner-up prize package sounds pretty good!  Great work!!  That bread book sounds right up your alley too-- I can't wait to see what lovely loaves you make!

I have to get some miso, then I will try your recipe-- probably with udon instead of wasabi noodles, which might not sit with the kiddo.  

Robyn, I have to say that I also enjoy these challenges (obviously), since they do get me cooking, even when I don't have the time/gumption to really make a huge effort!  So, what is next?  



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I'll take a peek (post #71086, reply #13 of 15)

Thanks pie, I'll take a look.  I would love a new bread book.  I was just on a hunt for an Altamura bread recipe shown on Cake Boss yesterday.

You don't have to add the wasabi to all of the noodles and you can add less if you like.  Enjoy this would be great with sauteed shrimp or scallops, better yet a nice soft shell crab.

Substitutes in the for some of the Asian ingredients, I think that they made a difference in the recipe, more intense, I could drink that broth.

Any questions, just let me know.

Recipe is being cleaned up pie, I'll get back to you. 

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ICD,  "... better yet a (post #71086, reply #11 of 15)


 "... better yet a nice soft shell crab."

OH yeah, that would be the best!  The soft shell crab sandwiches were one of my favorite things from the Cook the Issue.  I will check out the broth-- I love miso soup.


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Great challenge & fun ! (post #71086, reply #9 of 15)


Thank you for this fun challenge and for your kind words about my soups .

I would to take this opportunity  to answer some of the comments : In the official rules , they said to post a photo and a description , but not  the recipe . So of course the more of 1000 thumbs up + all the other voters didn't not do the recipes. But many of the voters have tasted my delicious food and decided to vote for me . 

Others just see all the ideas i put in facebook and enjoy my food inventions.

I had a lot of fun for choosing my soups and then all the excitement on the weekend for the votes. 

Thank you Fine Cooking !





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soup (post #71086, reply #12 of 15)

Hey KarenDana,

I enjoyed your soups too-- I hope you stick around and show us some more of your work!


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Wow!  Your very fortunate to (post #71086, reply #8 of 15)

Wow!  Your very fortunate to have ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE make your soup!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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thank you Adele (post #71086, reply #10 of 15)

I posted earlier that in the official rules we weren't not asked for the recipe so i didn't post it . So the one thousand people did not make this soup. But many or even maybe most of them have eaten at least one of my creations and decided to trust me even without tasting it , but only by the description and the ingredients.


So Yes I am very fortunate and honored to have so much support

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Yum Soup! (post #71086, reply #14 of 15)

It's the perfect time of year to start thinking about soups again now that the weather is cooling in New England. -g

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Agreed (post #71086, reply #15 of 15)

Just had some creamy tomato soup. Delish!