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The Soup Week Challenge is Live

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The Soup Week Challenge is Live (post #71071)

Good morning CooksTalkers,

For all those interested: Fine Cooking’s Soup Week Challenge is live on the site. The official post includes details about entering, voting, and prizes. Let me know if you have any questions and refer to this post if you’re looking for tips on photographing soup.

I’m hoping for a good turn out. I’d be great to give some prizes away to members of this community! Who here could use Emile Henry’s big, beautiful soup pot?

Good luck, everyone! 


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Big Beautiful Pot (post #71071, reply #1 of 31)

Maybe we will have a few more participants this go round and who wouldn't love a new soup pot. 

Thanks for the reminder and information.

Soup's on!

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Thanks! (post #71071, reply #3 of 31)

Thanks for starting us off, ICD!


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Starting off the Soup Week (post #71071, reply #4 of 31)

Robyn, it was a pleasure, someone had to do it! 

I am so busy this weekend and making soup is nothing, the least of my projects and work...cream of tomato (special request) , not my favorite, but I can deal with that recipe, loved it and I will make it again. 

So happy that I roasted a chicken tonight...can't wait to see what will become of the leftover chicken.

That was a great recipe and we can adapt...

"It was sometime around 1976 when Philippe Jeanty, now chef/owner of Bistro Jeanty in Napa Valley, was the chef at the nearby Domaine Chandon. He took excess tomato sauce and added cream and butter to make a tomato soup. (And why not? Campbell's was doing so well with theirs!) Still, Philippe wanted to make his soup different. That is when he thought of Paul Bocuse and his renowned truffle soup with pastry on top. Philippe combined the two ideas and made one of the most famous recipes of his career."

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ICD! (post #71071, reply #6 of 31)

Go ICD, that soup looks great-- I have been eyeing that recipe for a while.  I'm in too-- just posted my first entry!  liamsaunt has some great-looking entries too!  kitchengoddess, that leek and potato soup looks wonderful too!  Go gals!


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WOW (post #71071, reply #7 of 31)

way to think outside the box with that raspberry soup!  it looks absolutely beautiful.

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YAY (post #71071, reply #2 of 31)

Looking forward to the variety.  I have a wicked cold and soup is on the whether or not I have the energy for it is a different story. :)

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Wicked cold remedy (post #71071, reply #14 of 31)

I have been sick  for about a week/nasal and now on the mend, soup is the cure. 

No soup challenge for me last week, instinctively just soup! 

Just made my first entry today, it was fantastic, make ahead easy!

I have a soup for favorite all time cold cure soup, thanks to MeanChef, Emeril and many other adaptations of...

I need to dig out of the files, see ya soon.

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Yes please (post #71071, reply #5 of 31)

I would love to have the recipe.  This cold really seems to have grabbed hold and doesn't want to go away.  This sucks!

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Soup recipe (post #71071, reply #15 of 31)

I thought that I sent the recipe, but I don't see it in my outbox.  I'll try again if you didn't get the recipe.

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Not yet (post #71071, reply #24 of 31)

I just triple checked and no, no recipe in my inbox.  Yeah, when you get to it I would love to have it.

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Soup Week (post #71071, reply #8 of 31)

Fantastic idea and I for one am having a great time getting back to basics with my own stocks for all of my soups.  Fine job FC and I can't wait to see what you all come up with next.

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soup (post #71071, reply #9 of 31)

I agree, this soup week is a great idea-- perfect for the season, plus generally lighter fare for the post-holiday time.  Also, since the bar is so low, this encourages broader participation.  My only complaint-- one week is too short of a timeframe!  My soup week goal is to cook as many things from my freezer as I can-- next up is some barley-oxtail soup made with the broth from the sauce for the Beef Wellington, haha.  

I am definitely enjoying everyone's contributions!  As ICD said, I can't wait to see what you will come up with next!


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too short indeed (post #71071, reply #10 of 31)

I agree that 1 week is too short! 2 weeks maybe would be ideal.  I don't make nightly dinners like the rest of you guys and on the weekend I was so sick that now I feel I have very little time to come up with other contributions. 

Particularly if you are making your own stock! I have never done that...don't have a pot big enough to fit 2-3 chickens plus all the liquid and the veggies (an investement that's on the wish list), but one day.

So many nice options on there.  And everyone's photographs look great, the tips helped out that's for sure.

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you will get an excellent (post #71071, reply #11 of 31)

you will get an excellent stock from just boiling up one or two chickens--whatever size pot you have. I don't add anything to mine so it can be whatever I want it to be at the end. If I have a carcass, I brown it and then simmer for a dark stock.

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thanks! (post #71071, reply #12 of 31)

I meant to ask about the carcass part.  I wondered if I have a left over carcass from let's say a roasted chicken can I use that with all the veggies? would that make a decent enough stock?

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Carcass (post #71071, reply #13 of 31)

I made a quick chicken stock (about 3 pints or so) using the carcass and all of the bones from a roasted chicken, pretty good.  Try it, I added carrots, celery, onion and simmered.  I use 8 and 16 ounce Ball containers to freeze the stock.  So if you just have a little space in your freezer, you can stash as little or as much as you want for future use.

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As I said, I brown the bones (post #71071, reply #16 of 31)

As I said, I brown the bones a little and then simmer. From one carcass I don't believe I would get that much stock, or would simmer it to concentrate it more.

I simmer a whole chicken and  probably get that much finished broth. I like a really strong broth to use.  Just me.

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Bones (post #71071, reply #19 of 31)

I cheated and added in about 3 cups of previously made broth. 

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stock pot (post #71071, reply #18 of 31)

To make the stock I posted on the soup challenge, I actually borrowed my mother's huge lobster pot.  I don't know how many quarts it holds, but it is about 2 feet tall and at least 18 inches across!    The biggest pot I own personally is a 13 quart Le Creuset French oven.  If I cut up the (single) chicken, that one is big enough to make a little more than a quart of stock, but with the big lobster pot I was able to dump three chickens in whole and I got almost six quarts of thick and rich stock at the end.  I might have to "forget" to bring the giant lobster pot back to her house!  ;-)

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keep it (post #71071, reply #22 of 31)

oh definitely...say "oh, have I not returned it, 'cuz I swear I have"... HA

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too short (post #71071, reply #17 of 31)

I third the notion that only one week is too short!  Two weeks would be ideal.  I am still having fun though!  In addition to the nightly savoury soup, I have a couple of dessert soups planned for the next few days,  I am really enjoying looking at what everyone else is cooking.  There are some really original and impressive ideas being posted.  For me soup is very much a comfort food, so I usually don't get too crazy with it.

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Soup Week 2012 (post #71071, reply #20 of 31)

Next year, we'll have to start shortly after Valentine's Day and continue into March while it's still soup weather for most of the country. Thanks for all the soups I'm seeing from this group!

- Robyn 

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Soups all year long (post #71071, reply #21 of 31)

Oh Robyn, there are so many seasonal soups to consider that range from appetizer to dessert soups, no need to limit the soup season at all, just use what you have in season.   In our house soups are a big thing and I love to have them portioned out for lunches or dinners, cheaper than some of the stuff in the stores, and certainly more healthy.   

Now that I have explored fruit soups, you bet I'll be using more, especially in the dessert category.

Again, this has been fun!

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Congrats, ICD! (post #71071, reply #26 of 31)

I announced this in a new post, but in case you check here first, congratulations! Your Happy Miso Soup was one of the editors' favorite soups, so you're a finalist in the Soup Week Challenge! Good job, ICD. Drum up some support and hit the poll to vote.

Happy weekend,


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Thanks Robyn (post #71071, reply #27 of 31)

Maybe some of my pals will pop in other wise I'll need a sizeable Home Owner's Association to vote.  It has been fun though.

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me too! (post #71071, reply #29 of 31)

Way to go! and imagine having that lovely soup pot!!!

I just voted for you too!

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Surprised to say the least Happy Miso thanks you (post #71071, reply #30 of 31)

I had a fun time and now I have all of my homemade stocks ready for my normal soup recipes, some old some new.  I just didn't think canned anything would be right for this challenge. 

Pretty big contenders that I am up against with my modest just for one soup night recipe, I could have made it prettier, but it wouldn't have tasted any better.

The best part is that I have found the best miso broth for me and I will be making a big pot of it this weekend. 

I feel bad that you weren't able to taste my recipe or the others before voting.

I'll be making a keeper copy of the miso as I made it along with the wasabi noodles and I'll send it to you...I could eat bowls of the miso with noodles, without noodles, with just veggies, anything.

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go ICD (post #71071, reply #28 of 31)

Great work ICD, I just voted for you!  


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great participation (post #71071, reply #23 of 31)

it is great to see all the new blood in the challenge and to see what everyone comes up with.  Unfortunately I'm done with my submissions as I don't have any more time to make another type of soup.  But have loved what I have seen and I really enjoyed the soups I made.

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Senegalese Chicken and Peanut Soup (post #71071, reply #31 of 31)

I can't seem to copy and paste all of a sudden either here or in the mail.  I'll see if I can attach something.

Senegalese_Chicken_and_Peanut_Soup.doc30 KB