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Shortcake with Blackberry Sauce

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In an attempt to use up a can of blackberries I bought many moons ago, I whipped up some blackberry sauce (according to Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook's recipe, I think), and made some homemade shortcake. Split open the shortcakes, topped the bottom half with two small spoons of vanilla ice cream and a big spoon of the blackberry sauce. Topped with top of shortcakes, another little scoop of ice cream, and a spoon of blackberry sauce. Houseguests, who are not easily impressed, were impressed (maybe I've just exhausted them enough that anything that isn't McD's will impress them!). Anyway, not bad for using just standard pantry ingredients.

Anybody have any other suggestions for what I could have done with my (20 oz, I think) can of blackberries? I was originally thinking "coffee cake," and didn't have enough for a pie. But couldn't find a coffee cake recipe that fit the bill, and didn't want to buy another can of berries for that pie.

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Nihon, I'm of the simpler is better school--I love them on vanilla ice cream. Period. But, now you've got me thinking...would they work atop [something] with creme cheese? Or, and this is even more strange--bleu cheese? (I'm thinking salty-ish and sweet).

Perhaps they would work in crepes? Or atop biscuits? Sheesh, mash them for a spread/dip.

Can you tell I'm on the way to the grocery store? lol I'll be bringing back, among other things, shrimp "cocktails" (the Mexican variety), and chiccharonnes (sp?) en salsa verde (roughly, pork rinds in hot green chile sauce).

I'll wait for sweets tomorrow morning at work. Boy, do they spoil us for working 50 hours/wk!

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How about blackberry cobbler or roly poly? Steamed pudding?

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Nihon, my favourite way to use blackberries is in a blackberry/apple pie. This is a classic British combination, and is so good I think maybe I'll make one tonight! Another great thing to do with blackberries is in a mousse -- I usually do this at Christmas, with the last of the summer's berries. In general, you can use the yummy little things anyplace you'd use raspberries, though I don't eat them plain (too bitter and seedy, but that's because we pick wild berries. Canned ones are presumably seedless, and probably a lot sweeter.)

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When you said blackberry shortcake I remembered a version in Coyote Cafe (Mark Miller), page 139. Basically...though get ahold of the real recipe to do it best...its cinnamon in the shortcake and the berries are hightened with a little vanilla, blackberry brandy and sugar. He recommends whipped cream and a zig zag garnish of cajeta caramel. The additions to the berries makes for lots of juice which soaks into the shortcake so nicely....ahhhh

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How about poured on pancakes or french toast? Simple but effective ;)

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You just reminded me of the boysenberries we used to have on ice cream--Holy Smokes--that was 50 years ago! But boy, were they ever good! Has anyone seen them on their grocers shelf lately?

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Brings back memories of picking them at Russian River,(they grew wild on the road "into town"). Bringing them back to the cabin in buckets, and having Grandma make a pie out of them. Nothing like it! I can't ever cook with blackberries without thinking of her. Thanks, Gram. ( I went back many years for that one too, Jean).