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Sherry Peppers

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A while back, Peter G. posted a recipe for Sherry Peppers. Well, I have 4 bottles maturing in the closet with 4 different types of peppers. As I may not have access to the board soon, (company was taken over, don't know if I'll be able to use the net on breaks anymore & don't have computer at home),can you give me ideas on how to use the sauce when it matures? (Sept. will be 6 months) I know it is primarily used for seafood- do I marinate in it? use it with something else? (Saucelike?)

Thanks in advance.

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Went to the archives to find out what these were. Sounds wonderful. I'm guessing that they'd zing up many sauces but it looks like you have plenty of time to decide. Peter was using a bottle from 1989!