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As Seen on Tv Cookware worth the buy?

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Hi there, keep seeing cookware informericals for brands like Flavorstone Cookware, Stonedine Cookware and Greenic Cookware.  I need to replace my non stick pans  so I was wondering if anyone would consider buying or has bought informerical cookware or As Seen on TV Cookware?  Also what should I look for when buying quality non stick pans. I keep here about PFOA Free but is there anything I should look out for as well? 

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They might be good or not. (post #71655, reply #1 of 1)

They might be good or not. Why not look on Amazon for a set and read the REAL reviews that people who own them give.

How much do you want to pay?  Why do you want non-stick?  Non-stick pans are not good for browning meat for example.  There are MANY very good pots and pans on the market without resorting to the gimmickry of infomercials.

Costco has excellent sets .