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Salmon and pasta

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We did it again. Once again, we managed to invite people over for dinner who apparantly hardly eat a thing. It's one of MArco's coworkers and his wife, and the wife eats (and I quote) 'very little, few things, she likes salmon, spaghetti and linguine. She will eat sauce but only if it's served on the side and has no suspicious ingredients'. Heeeeellllp!! What in the world do we cook now? I'd prefer to make a linguine with a creamy sauce that includes the salmon, but of course, I have searched all the books I have and there's no such thing. Can anyone help me out please?

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A challange!  Do you have lazy susans?  Can you put bowls/dishes in the center of your table?  Do a roasted salmon, as mentioned, and have it as the centerpiece, put it on top of a pretty pasta.  Do your sauce in a gravy boat, perhaps have more than one. How about bowls of peas, cheeses and whatever else you can think of to add to the pasta  & salmon? You could have a large serving plate, the salmon in the middle, surrounded by pasta and then the add ins.   Ravioli filled with salmon?  Again, pour the sauce from a boat.  A salad can also have the parts of the whole in bowls or pretty containers, each can add what they want.

I'm coming up on a weeks worth of meals with someone who only eats well done. I'm just going to let her portion cook until I think it's burned.  :)

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Wow, you are GOOD, lady! Will think about your suggestions and how I can make things work, thanks!! What is a lazy susan?

LOL about the well done thing ;o)

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Ix-nay. If you are being gracious enough to host a dinner (and conscientious enough to cater to her taste), then she can eat (or pick through) what you serve her. I will bend over to satisfy those incredibly finicky eaters, but I eat too! Sorry. I'm on a rampage.