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Russ Parsons Lasagna

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Russ Parson's deconstructed lasagna just made our local paper food section today and it looks stupendous.  Definitely going on our experimental meal list of things to try.  One is a butternut squash/rosemary butter and the other a zucchini/lemon-thyme cream.  Both simply pile/layer the fresh lsagn sheets with the vegies and sauce on the plate.  You finish the plates off in the oven to heat through.  For some reason I couldn't get the link to work in this post but if you google russ parsons lasagna multiple newspaper printings of the article and recipes will come up.  I think this first appeared in the bigger newspapers in early October when I was on vacation and not checking this board so this may already have had a good going over here and I missed it.  If so, sorry for the re-hash.  If not, maybe one of you real ambitious cooks will give it a try and let me know whether I should attempt it or not!