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Ribeye Roast

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Yesterday, I was presented with a 6 lb. boneless ribeye roast that we will have for Easter. I have never made one, but I rubbed it with olive oil, thyme, rosemary, garlic and a few red pepper flakes so it could sit overnight.

I read some older threads on these, but people were mostly talking about roasts with bones on. I plan to roast it at 500 for 20 minutes, then turn it down to 325 till it reaches 125F and let it rest for 20 minutes. Does that sound like a good plan? Or should the roast finish at a lower temp. I'd like a ballpark estimate on how long that will take so I can coordinate the rest of the meal. Recipes indicate 1 to 2 hours--big difference. I pulled the roast out of the fridge about 1-1/2 hours before I planned to start it.

I'm making some sour cream with horseradish and balsalmic vinegar to pass. I'd like to make a little sauce from the drippings, so I'm reading up on that as well. I guess I will scatter some mirepoix in the pan, then deglaze the pan with wine (red or white) and add some beef stock.

Rest of the meal will be simple. Green beans, Potatoes Au Gratin. Starters will be a hot crab dip at sister's request (looking for recipe) and I will reprise some tasty big stuffed mushrooms I did yesterday (spinach, bread crumbs, feta, pinenuts.) Thinking of yorkshire pudding.

The giant tart my sister purchased from Costco was just knocked on the floor by my mother. It landed right side up, but all the glazed berries ended up on the floor. I think I will just see if we can buy some berries to add on the top. I could make a chocolate custard tart, but I am going to be really pressed for time in that case.


Akkk!!! I have had it in over an hour and the thermometer is not registering. There is no instant read at this house.


Well that was a nightmare. I had to guess if it was done by feeling how squishy it seemed. I also pulled the (nonworking) temp gage out and felt the tip to see if cold or warm. I was lucky that it came out med rare. A few people needed a bit more done, so I put those pieces on the gas grill for a minute or two. I made jus from the degreased drippings, white wine and a can of beef broth and that was decent.

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