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Reheating steak, pork chops, etc.

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Since I cook a lot for myself I tend to make more than one meal at a time. However, I am always unhappy when I try to reheat a steak or pork chops. I tend to cook steak, for example, rare to medium rare. If I use a microwave, I usually cook it to medium or so when I reheat it. I also tend to dry out pork chops when using a microwave.

What do others do in this situation? Use an oven or toaster oven?

Thanks for you help!


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I don't ever reheat pork chops or steak. Sorry, it's not a good idea as you have discovered. Better to eat cold.

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Unless you reheat pork chops in a sauce, I'm w/MC--eat that steak cold, thinly sliced, w/maybe a horseradish mayo. I have shredded both for inclusion in tacos, but re-heating almost always dries them out. If you have plenty of au jus--which I never do--to store the steak in, that might help. I just now thought of steaming; wonder if that would work, esp. if included in a wonton wrapper or something.

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I think the only way you could reheat them is slowly - in the oven, ( 200 degrees )or saute them in a pan with onions, etc. The microwave would toughen them up fo sure!

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My favorite trick is to freeze -before- cooking them... as a single person, what I do is buy several steaks, chops, whatever, and then wrap them in individual servings (one steak, or two pork chops) and freeze them raw. I find that wrapping in saran wrap, then putting in the really small zip lock bag seems to protect from freezer burn.

It is pretty quick to thaw out one steak or a couple pork chops in the nuker, and then cook them up fresh.

On the other hand, a cold pork chop is pretty delicious, too.

. . .

What I have found in terms of cooking for one with intentional leftovers is that poultry reheats best. Roasts heat reheat better than chops, if you just nuke them enough to take the cold edge off, maybe make them a little warm, but not what you would call -hot-.

. . .

I tend to make a lot of things like spaghetti sauce (I know, I know, but its the stuff I grew up on, probably not authentic at all) or chili and freeze the sauce in one or two cup containers, 'cause its easier to deal with than actual pieces of meat.

. . .

Meatballs freeze like a dream in their sauce.


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Sliced cold tossed in a salad would be great for either kind of meat, beef or pork. However, if you want to have a hot meal based on either of these leftovers, resign yourself to the fact that they will be cooked
i further
in the re-heated dish. The mother of a friend of mine makes pork roast planning about 3 meals around it, one being Chinese Twice Cooked Pork. If you don't mind your meat being cooked further, do a stir fry of some kind, tossing in the sliced meat at the very last possible second and heat till just warmed.

There are always sandwiches!! :)

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Try it in a covered dish at less than full power next sure it's covered with a glass lid or saran wrap to keep in the moisture. I never have been too disappointed. You can't expect it to be as good as the first time around. It helps to put a dab of steak sauce on, too.

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I think Jean has it. I reheat grilled meat in the microwave at 1/2 power and usually try for maybe 1 minute and then more time if needed.

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I take salads to work everyday so I usually intentially make extra meat or fish so I can have a little protein (leftover seared tuna with miso dressing-YUM).

To use for another hot meal-one idea is putting leftovers into a Quesadilla with a few veggies. A flour tortilla, a little cheese, a few sauteed veggies, your meat-heat in a little butter in a non-stick pan & you've got dinner in 10 minutes. Another idea is making a pilaf & stirring leftover chicken shreads into it just long enough to heat through. Every culture has a variation of chicken & rice.

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Saw a great cookbook yesterday called "Cooking for the Week" You might want to take a look at it for ideas.

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The only way I enjoy any meat reheated is to put it in a sauce or gravy --then the nuker works best. Otherwise I put it in a salad, sandwich or roll-up of some kind.

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I have read that putting a small amount of water, layers of lettuce leaves, the meat, and more layers of lettuce leaves works. I have only tried this with meat that I had marinated before cooking the first time and replaced the water with new marinade of teriyaki sauce, Italian salad dressing or whatever I used originally and it worked quite well.

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Nuke at no more than 20-30% power until warm. Don't overheat! It helps if the meat is a little underdone initially.