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ramekin sizes

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Here's a question for all you geniuses out there.  When one measures a ramekin, what is _full_?  Does a 6oz ramekin hold 6 ounces when completely full or is there a 1/4 inch at the top that one leaves out?  Is there a fill line?  I know this is a picky question, but it helps to be sure you have the right size vessel, I think.  Is a 6 oz ramekin about 3" across by about 1 3/4" deep? 

You know, I have to say it - I'm greedy.  I don't think that's big enough for dessert.  Just sayin.


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Fill them up using a measuring cup of water.  You can then see exactly how much water it takes.  (I'm sure you know this, but 6 oz would be 3/4 cup.)

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I have some Apilco ramekins that hold 6 fluid ounces when filled to the very top. Hope this helps.

For what it's worth, they seem too small to me but I got them at a very good price. Next time I'll pay more attention to other criteria in addition to price. LOL!