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"Peanut Butter Cookie with Choco...

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Y'all have taught me SO much. Today I made a fantastic dessert by stealing from THREE sources!!! Using the basic idea in the August 98
i Gourmet
about a dessert called "Oatmeal Cookie Banana Ice Cream Sandwich with Chocolate Sauce" served at Nick's Grill in the Berkshires, I used the "Peanut Butter Cookie with Chocolate Chunks" recipe that Eve had posted and Cleaver's "Wicked Chocolate Sauce" recipe--both from the archives. I used plain "Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla" ice cream. It was an incredible dessert. Simply make an ice cream sandwich with two of the large, soft cookies and serve with that "wicked" chocolate sauce on the plate and drizzled over the top of the "sandwich." Thanks.

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3 points for each theft. Good job.