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Quick quick quick extra quick

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a side dish that was ready in less than 10 min

total improvisation.

boil water. add salt. add orzo. cook 8 minutes

meanwhile, open can of artichoke hearts, grab a few and rinse well

dice. add to pan with a little olive oil - sautee as the orzo cooks.

add some thyme

mix orzo with sauteed artichokes, a little pasta water to get nice saucy consistency. Feel free to add cream, I didn't

maybe we were all starving, but it tasted great. We also had a juicy T-bone steak sold by Farm Lady.

I am looking forward to my Bento box today - leftovers orzo/artichokes, eaten cold, with extra dressing, diced cucumbers and tomatoes. Hummmmm......



I might be a lousy gardener, a horrible cake baker, but I can do a mean verrine!

(soupereasy, June 2007)