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question concerning chile peppers

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Hello, my name is Sean (aka, Soupercook). I run a Soup & Sandwich place in Prince George, BC. Yesterday I made a Jalapeno & cheese soup. I have made it before & it was really good. But yesterday I tried some and it tasted very good & hot, but as I kept eating it I gradually got a horrible taste in my mouth, and I had to stop eating , than I tried some more and it started all over again, tasting really good then that horribe taste again. Could it be that the chilies were too old? If anyone has any feedback it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sean

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Hi, Sean, and welcome to CT.  No answer, as I avoid jalapenos, but perhaps someone else here can help you.

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wow, that was fast. Thank you Madmom & Jean.

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I don't have a clue. Are you sure it wasn't the cheese?  Maybe you have a cold and your taster is off?

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Were you using a differant cheese than usual?  Were the chile's old and squishy?

Cannot figure this one out, if the chilies were bad, you would note that right off.  I used to live in Las Cruces, NM - in the Hatch Valley where some of the best Chile's in the world come from and the only time I ever had any that left a bad taste was when I thought they were ok, but were very soft in some spots _ cut out the soft spots but I think they were bad - left a sour bitter flavor in the mouth, I was making a cheese dipping sauce at the time.

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Hey Rick, No I did'nt use a different cheese. I use Velveeta with that one & last time I made it it was really good. Two things that I did differently though was I used all Jalapenos in this one , whereas I used Jalapenos & Serranos in the last one. Another thing I did was I took the seeds and the membrane, chopped them abit and put them in a teaball in the soup because I like that extra heat. That shouldn't have mattered because I did that last time too.

When I was bussing my tables I noticed that a couple of people that ordered that soup, had only eaten half and then left, which made me feel bad, but I'll try to fix it, so it doesn't happen again.

I think that the peppers were probably just old because they say to keep them for 2 weeks in the fridge and I'm pretty sure it was  longer than that. Oh, well . Live and learn I guess.