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Panko bread crumbs

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Does anyone know where to find Panko breadcrumbs? I haven't been able to find them.Thanks!

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Joanne, I found them at my neighborhood Safeway grocery store. Do you have a Safeway or store owned by the same company in your area? If so, try asking the store manager. They may not be in the aisle you expect them to be in. These were packaged in a printed on, heat sealed cellophane bag.

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As a last resort, you could mail-order from Kalustyan's in NYC. I bought some there a while ago and they do ship. Phone (212)685-3451. I have a very old catalog but it didn't have prices in it (?!). They carry mostly Middle-Eastern & Indian foodstuffs (spices, nuts, grains, lentils, beans, dried fruits, etc.) but did have Panko. They also carry "oval" pine nuts (from Spain, I think) which are better (to me) than the "triangular"-shaped pine nuts from China (they carry both kinds). Very nice people there.

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Panko should be available in Asian markets with a basic Japanese section. Since the freeze dried crumbs are used for tempura, a local restaurant may sell you some. Beware of the ones that look like cracker crumbs instead of fine white bread crumbs.

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Panko is a great product. It is available in all of the markets around here. Usually in the ethnic food section.

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I have found panko in the oriental markets.
They sell them in small to really large bags.
I think you use them with a batter to get the
crispness. Make sure you get one with directions
in english.