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Paella Pan Question

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Why can't I use a large cast Iron skillet for paella?  Looks like the same thing, with a thicker bottom possibly?

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I think you can.


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I think you can.

Well of course you can but will it have any effect on the paella? If you know please tell us.

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The only problem I can think of is that paella is kind of moist and steamy, and cooking then serving it from the pan may result in your having to reseason the pan.


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You CAN - but it doesn't come out right, for some reason.  I know - I've tried.  DH is crazy for paella.  For some reason, it comes out better in our deep-dish steel pizza pan (lol) than it does in our large cast-iron skillet.  I'm not certain why.  I'm sure it has something to do with heat conductivity, etc., etc.  Anyway - I'm going to break down someday in the next couple of years and buy a real paella pan.

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I agree that it comes out best when you use a paella pan, or a pan that is similar in material.  I think you're right that the difference is in the way the heat is dispersed.  My Spanish paella pans are fairly thin metal enameled with navy blue spattered with white.  The material reminds me of my mom's old covered roaster. The first one I bought was rolled steel and was a pain, since it tended to rust.  The enameled pans are great and very inexpensive.  I'm pretty sure I paid less than $40 for a pan that serves 8.  You reeeeally neeed to haaaave one.  You deserve it, right?  



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I have a rolled steel paella pan-Its about 20 years old.  We use it for everything-Roasting chicken, stir fry, saute anything.  i just make sure to season it.  It cleans up like a dream and no rust problems for me.

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FC July 1999, issue #33 (if you don't have the issue, I think it is on the FC website, just check). He, Norberto Jorge, explains it pretty well. You can use any wide, shallow pan, with splayed sides. "A good paella pan is made of a very thin, conductive metal." It is needed to develop "socarrat," the caramelized crust of rice that sometimes sticks to the bottom of the pan. We love paella and our ALL time favorite FC recipe is the paella from issue #33. cheers.

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Well, that explains why my deep dish pizza pan works.  Very large, 2 inches deep, steel, slightly splayed sides.  If it just had a handle on either side, I'd just forget getting a paella pan and use it! (G)

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