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Oven rack placement

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I have a question about oven rack placement. I have 4 slots for placing my oven racks.  I understand easily when it says "place on top and bottom racks" of oven, or even middle (as the second rack is really in the middle of the oven).  But when it says "place in top and bottom thirds" where am I supposed to put the racks??

Any ideas/suggestions?

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Hey kg!

Good question-- I have the same problem. Four racks don't do well at dividing the oven into thirds! I generally try to avoid having the rack in the lowest position, so if you put one rack in slot #3 (topmost slot would be #1), then maybe the other one in rack #1. I generally eyeball it! Also, if you don't have a convection oven, you might have to switch the pans around partway through.

The other problem with my racks is that in my fancy new oven, the racks have a bar underneath-- you push the bar up to release a spring that lets you slide the rack out. That means I am always burning myself on the dang bar-- very poor design!

Happy baking! I hope it came out good, whether or not the racks were perfectly placed!

Cheers, Jen

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it is all in the eye (post #71809, reply #2 of 4)

Yeah, that's what I usually try to do but I didn't know if there was some science behind it that I didn't know.

I was making the german chocolate cake for a friend who requested it for her kids.

Thankfully it didn't burn but I did switch the pans around every 5 min, just in case.

ooh, that sucks having that inconvenient bar there.  Let's offer to do product testing for a good new gas stove/oven at the low low price of getting one to take home!!! :) I sure would love to have a gas stove again.  We had a gas stove growing up but back then I didn't do any cooking, maybe toast on the stove :)  I keep dreaming that if I win the lottery I will buy a gas stove and re-do my kitchen around it.


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german chocolate cake (post #71809, reply #3 of 4)

Ah, the german chocolate cake! That is becoming your signature! I'm glad it didn't burn-- your friend is lucky!

I agree about product testing-- whichever designer came up with these racks should have to test them too. I wonder if I can get replacement racks that are just plain wire. Hmm. Otherwise the stove (an Electrolux) is great. I made a cherry pie for my husband to celebrate getting our taxes done-- maybe some cookies next. I still haven't had an occaison to make the roulade or the Irish whiskey cake-- my list of desserts is getting long.

Hope you are enjoying some more good cooking! I love spring cooking, before it gets too hot to bake.

Cheers, Jen

P.S. I'm also thinking about the salmon with tarragon-- my tarragon plant did survive the winter outdoors and as soon as it has grown enough that it can spare a few teaspoons of leaves, I'm making that salmon!

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a signature you say? (post #71809, reply #4 of 4)

Funny that you would say that about the cake! I just had a conversation with a few co-workers last week about how I rarely make things more than once.  There are few things that I have made a few times but I do love trying new recipes.

I have made this cake quite a few times

I love it every time but I always make a few adjustments.  I always cut the sugar in the cake in half and cut the icing in half as well.  The cake is then sweet enough without being overwhelmingly so.

That's a good idea about your racks, you should ask. It is worth asking.

Definitely make that salmon it is totally worth it!

Haven't made too many new things lately, just winging recipes off the top of my head mostly.  I made this ham on the weekend for my MIL's b-day

I had too much glaze left over so then I used it with chicken and carrots over mashed potatoes :)  It was really yummy.  Now I know that it is good for other uses.