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oatmeal cookies

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Hey out there...I need a recipe for a large batch of oatmeal cookies.  I have used the recipe on the back of the oatmel box but the were never consistant. The recipe only creamed the butter& sugar for 2-3 min so they would spread too much.  I have to have about 6 dozen cookies on hand all the time.  For some  reason I can't get it right...HELP 

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I'm not of much help in the recipe department, since I always use the one on the back of the Quaker Oat tin myself. Really I'm jsut curious why you think the length of time you cream the butter and sugar affects the degree of spread. I've never heard of this before.

If that is the problem, then why not just cream it longer? Otherwise why not just try adding a touch more flour or oats? When you say the recipe is not consistent, do you mean taht sometimes they spread and sometimes they don't? If so, this could also have to do with how long you store the dough before baking (I've noticed my oatmeal cookies spread the most right after the dough has been mixd up. After a night in the fridge they get thicker), or if you're measuring your flour by volume instead of weight, inaccuracies there could affect the texture. Cookies are temperamental that way.

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