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Noisy Ovens ????

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I was flying to Chicago today and asked my co-pilot about appliances and he told me not to get a Jenn-Air oven because the convection fan in them makes a lot of noise. Now I would have never in a million years have even thought of asking anyone a question about something like that!!! If I'm going to shop for a quite dishwasher (Fisher Paykel or Bosch) I certainly don't want a noisy oven. He said even his Jenn Air microwave is noisy. Right now my first choice is a Monogram (ZET1PMSS/ZSC1001KSS) oven and microwave . If anyone has ever heard one of these in operation and could let me know how quiet or noisy they are I would certainly be most grateful. Thanks in advance to anyone who writes in or sends me e-mail advice.
p.s. - yea, I know, Wolf makes the best stuff but I don't cook enough to justify one. And I'm not Warren Buffett, either.

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First of all, let me get this straight. You fly planes?

Second, you talk about ovens during a flight?

(Sally faints)




It is not gremolita, it is GREMOLATA!!!!

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Not too much to worry about in the sky, no red lights to watch for other pilots to run through,or planes that are coming into your lane,no nutty drivers on cell phones, no one hogging the left lane going 30 miles an hour.  Actually, maybe I should learn to fly!!! 

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I think all the newer ovens are noisier than ovens used to be. I just replaced 28 year old Thermidors with KitchenAids. They have a fan noise when they are on and for a while after you turn them off. My Thermidors were silent unless I activated the fan.

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We just replaced our wall oven with a Kitchenaid Architect II series convection oven/convection microwave combination, and it's very, very quiet. It's predecessor did have noisy fans, but this one is dead quiet. Not only that, the new Kitchenaid works fabulously, and looks great to boot! I highly recommend that you give it some consideration.


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My new Frigidaire by Electrolux double convection ovens are totally quiet.



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Why does mine have a fan noise after I turned it off if yours doesn't? That's not fair. I was told that all the new ovens have a fan that comes on when you turn the oven off. No?

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Mine doesn't.  The only ones I have seen with a fan running after they are turned off are the big commercial convection ovens.


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Mine are neither big nor commercial. Just noisy.

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It depends on the oven but some keep the fan running to cool down the air being sent into the room, so it relates more to the ambiant temperature of the room;  also to keep the door cool.  Last, the more digital components or sophisticated the programming, the fan runs to cool the sensitive panel.

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Aaah, progress.

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Mine runs after turning off and I have always assumed it for the reason Glenys gave. That oven is not vented--a wall oven--so I think it needs to do that.

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Mine always runs when I turn the oven off.  I assumed it was to help quicken the cool-down period.

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With convection, you will hear the fan when it's turned on. And if you have a gas oven, there's the occasional whoosh when it flames up to bring it back up to temperature. Also some clicking as metal starts heating up.

And regarding Wolf, it's not "all that" :-p


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I have the Jenn Air microwave/wall oven combo (installed one week ago), as well as a Jenn Air slide in dual-fuel range.  I used the convection feature today for the first time on the wall oven, and really didn't notice much noise--just the fan which was pretty quiet.  No, noise wasn't the problem, my not reading the manual was!  This is the first time I have used convection. 

My old (and I do mean old) oven was either on or off--no little beepers to tell you when it was hot, not one timer, let alone two, etc.  I need some practice with convection cooking.  I am getting pretty good at setting the clock, though, what with all the power interruptions as the construction crew adjusts wiring and such!  Let us know what you end up buying.