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Neighborhood Italian Rest.

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Lately, I have been teaching almost every Friday night and Saturday lunch classes..with a random class or two during the week.

After the class on Saturday, I'm pretty tired of cooking as well as standing on my feet so I head to my favorite little Italian restaurant in the neighborhood.  I get there in just enough time to have a really nice dinner and then make it to Saturday night Church service.

Because I am half Italian and have worked in a fine dining Italian restaurant for many years, I'm very, very particular about my Italian food!!


This is my version of a dinner I had recently at my little restaurant and the first time I ordered a dish that did not have their famous Red Gravy on it!!LOL  I made this for the Newlyweds last night and they were raving about it...enjoy!!

Veal or Chicken Breast Carmello

Chiqui Collier


6-8 Veal Cutlets or Chicken Breast Cutlets, pounded thin


All purpose flour for dredging

2 beaten eggs & 1 ½ cups milk (or water)

6 Cups Fine French Bread Crumbs mixed with 1 cup Parmesan or Romano Cheese


Season cutlets with a little salt and lemon-pepper.  Dredge in flour, then in egg wash, then cover with breadcrumbs.  Fry in a non-stick skillet with a combination of vegetable oil and olive oil until a golden brown.  Drain on paper towels, place on a heat-proof platter and season immediately with a little extra cheese.  Keep warm in a low heated oven.




1 Stick unsalted butter

1 bunch of thinly sliced Green onions (white and green parts)

8 oz. of thinly sliced White Mushrooms


2 cloves finely minced fresh garlic

1 pound medium peeled and de-veined Shrimp

1 can quartered artichoke hearts, well-drained (optional)


1 ½-2 Cups Heavy Cream

Juice of one fresh Lemon

Salt & Lemon-pepper to taste


In a large non-stick skillet, melt butter and sauté green onions and mushrooms for 3 minutes.  Stir in garlic and shrimp and cook 2 minutes more.  Add all remaining ingredients and cook 2 minutes more.  Taste and correct seasoning.


Pour sauce over warm meat and serve immediately.


Accompany with a dish of Spaghetti topped with Marinara Sauce or an Alfredo Sauce and of course, more cheese!





Chiqui from way down yonder in New Orleans

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