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mozzarella curd

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Went to the market really early and saw them cutting up mozzarella curd. They told me how to finish it at home, so I bought a chunk to make string cheese.

The curds are soaked in near-boiling water (salt optional) until soft, then drained, stretched, and shaped. At the market they repeat the process several times. 

Can the curds be used as-is in cooking, or is the soaking and stretching an essential step? 


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When DD's DBF has made it, he (post #71141, reply #1 of 4)

When DD's DBF has made it, he has stretched it. It would definitely not be the same as fresh mozzarella without it, I wouldn't think. How do you mean to use it?

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Baked in lasagne, for (post #71141, reply #2 of 4)

Baked in lasagne, for example. I wondered if the curd could just be crumbled into the layers. 

When the BF makes it, does he use it right away or let it ripen a few days?


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He stretched it and made an (post #71141, reply #3 of 4)

He stretched it and made an absolutely delicious roll with prosciutto from it.

I have always heard about Wisconsin cheese stores selling the cheese curds, and they are eaten. I think the difference would be that it wouldn't be that wonderful melty stringy layer of cheese you get from mozzarella.

I can't paste the thing I copied about eating the curds as a snack--they are described as being a little nugget of "crunch" (not in a crisp way). They also described lightly battering them and frying.

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Since the mozzarella was (post #71141, reply #4 of 4)

Since the mozzarella was rolled with prosciutto, did he skip the salt? 

I've tried fresh mozzarella only a few times because it seems too bland. I turned my batch into string cheese with just a little salt in the water bath. It tastes good! However, my daughter, the original Picky Eater, is reluctant to try it. Perhaps I should have added a bit of food coloring so it looks like supermarket string cheese.

Kids. What are you going to do?