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Memories of Germany

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On Chocolate with Jacques Torres, he made Choco Crossies!  The only thing different is he left out the almonds.  It's one of the candies I miss from Germany.

Guess I'll have to make my own.  8^(

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Relatives are the manure. 

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Next thing you know he'll do Ritter-Sport Knusper-Flake.

I guess I really can't complain, though. My mother just sent us some exquisite French chocolate for Easter. I've got to keep sampling the competition, you know.

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(tried to respond earlier, but it timed out. pardon if you end up with two responses)

Now, no disparaging Ritter Sport. Brings back cherished childhood/teenaged memories of going to the Backerei in my village at 6:45 in morning before the school bus came and buying a doppel brotchen hot from the oven and a Ritter Sport (marzipan or rum raisin) for breakfast. Lived in a tiny village with one main street, three or four side streets, one backerei, one butcher (the holding pen of which shared my bedroom wall), one gasthaus and more cows than people. On cold, dark winter mornings the whole village smelled like fresh baked bread. Now I'm getting homesick. . .

Somebody put a stop payment on my reality check!

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Oh no, no disparraging Ritter-Sport. I love Ritter-Sport. It's one of the things I miss most, especially the Knusper-Flake (for those who don't know what I'm talking about, think Neste's crunch with cornflakes instead of rice crispies). I can get some of the flavors at our local German shop, but not that one. Sigh.

We should have a German food thread. I miss the sourdough rye, and the Mignonette cake served at the Wiener Cafe in Berlin. I miss all the pastries in Bavaria, Semmelknoedel mit Schwammerl, and the ethnic Imbisses of Berlin. Luckily we have an authentic German butcher in town who makes all the main traditional cured meats and sausages, so I'm not forced to miss those too.

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The corn flake things are Choco Crossies.

I would insert a picture here, but I don't know how.

Just figured it out.

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Friends are flowers in the garden of life;
Relatives are the manure. 

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Nope, I'm thinking of Ritter-Sport Knusper-Flakes.

click on "Produkte"

You'll find Choco-crossies here:

Click on "Weiter zum Gewinnspiel"

Personally, I was never that fond of the original Choco-crossie, but I can inhale entire boxes of the chips in mere seconds. Yum.

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