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Meatloaf Recipe Modifications...

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Hi Everyone -

I am new to the forum (and relatively new to cooking) but am a HUGE Fine Cooking fan! I found a recipe for a meatloaf and have some questions on modifying it. Its the Glazed Meatloaf with Peppers and Warm Spices:

First, I have a husband who doesn't eat beef or pork, though he will eat some pork sausage. I'm wondering what I would have to do to successfully use all turkey or a combination of turkey and a little pork sausage. And would ground chicken be a good option or will it just cook and dry out too fast?

Also this portion is huge and my guys don't eat a lot of meat. I have a really fussy 9-year old and a husband that was raised vegetarian (in India - that's why I'm drawn to this Indian inspired loaf). They will both eat some meat but not a lot. What I'm wondering is if I could make 'mini meatloaves'? Either cut the recipe in half and make two meatloaves, or do the full recipe, make 4 and freeze the other three for quick meals later. How would I adjust the time? Bake maybe 30 minutes, then glaze and bake to temperature?

Finally - would it change the recipe a lot to do it in a mini loaf pan? I have a stoneware mini-loaf pan that I was thinking about trying out. No good reason other than I want to 'play with a new pan'.

Thanks so much for helping out a newbie!


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Turkey and a little sausage (post #68786, reply #1 of 11)

Turkey and a little sausage would be fine, even turkey sausage, If you use turkey, make sure you use ground DARK turkey, more flavor and won't dry out as much as the white meat.

I always make my meatloaves in a muffin tin. Roll about tennis ball sized rounds and bake in the muffin tin. Glaze during the last five minutes of baking. But remember, they will bake in probably 20 minutes or so. I always use an instant read thermometer and take them out of the oven at 165 degrees.


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What a great idea! I had once (post #68786, reply #3 of 11)

What a great idea! I had once heard someone suggest putting stuffing in muffin tins so everyone get some of the crunchy part, but never thought about doing meatloaf that way. Somehow I think individual portions are more likely to get used as leftovers too. Cooking even quicker is a bonus! And ya, I don't fool around with temperature - always have a trusty thermometer handy. Not long ago I would cook meat forever because I was paranoid about bacteria. That thermometer has saved many a meal for me!

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So do you think I need to (post #68786, reply #4 of 11)

So do you think I need to turn up the spices at all, or do you think there will be enough flavor in the turkey? And does anyone know how long meatloaf keeps in the fridge? I like the idea of freezing part of it, but some will definitely make it to the fridge. I've always been an anti-leftover person, but I'm tired of seeing food go to waste...


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Turkey has a great flavor I (post #68786, reply #5 of 11)

Turkey has a great flavor I think. There is only one thing wrong with the muffin cups--can't slice for sandwiches, the best use of leftover meatloaf!! I freeze meatloaf unbaked, by the way. Thaw and bake.
Make it freeform in the amount you will eat, if you don't want leftovers. It doesn't have to be in a pan.

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If you cook them to 165, (post #68786, reply #6 of 11)

If you cook them to 165, remove from the oven, let cool for an hour or so, out of the pans, then put them in the fridge in an uncovered container until they are refrigerator cold then wrap them airtight they will be good in the fridge for at least a week, 4 months or more in the freezer.

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I make all my meat loaf from (post #68786, reply #2 of 11)

I make all my meat loaf from turkey now. I like it better than beef.
Jim's idea of muffin loaves is great.

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Care to share a recipe? I (post #68786, reply #7 of 11)

Care to share a recipe? I just looked at the one that is mentioned in this discussion, looks good, but I have never made an all turkey meatloaf. DH can't handle hot and I would really have to cut back on the cayenne which is what attracted me in the first place, but making the mini or individual loaves would be a perfect solution.

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Hmmmm... you think there's (post #68786, reply #8 of 11)

Hmmmm... you think there's enough Cayenne in here to make this recipe hot? I have a fussy 9 year old to contend with. =(

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Not for me, but I have to (post #68786, reply #9 of 11)

Not for me, but I have to watch it with DH. I personally would make it with half the amount of cayenne especially when using the hot paprika, mix well and maybe make a small patty as a taste test before adding the rest.

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There are several turkey (post #68786, reply #10 of 11)

There are several turkey meatloaf recipies at Tastespotting


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I keep forgetting that site, (post #68786, reply #11 of 11)

I keep forgetting that site, but I will take a look and maybe organize my favorites better so as to find sites that I always forget after adding.