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Making my own yogurt

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I really like making my own yogurt so I can control the sugars and fats (not to mention the cost) but I am not finding too many recipes on how to flavor it without adding a ton of sugar. Any ideas out there? I thought about using SF jello as my flavoring. Is there a better way or a booklet I can reference?

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Sorry, Pooky, no ideas, as I like my yogurt plain and then add fruit. I do have a question for you, however. Do you have a yogurt machine or do you make it in a pan? I used to have (30+ years ago!) a machine, but got rid of it when good commercial yogurt started appearing. Now I'd like to go back to making it, but am looking for a good yogurt maker.

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I got a yogurt machine from for under 30 dollars I believe. I tried using the heating pad and all and after multiple failures I went for the machine. But I cook the 1% milk (skim not so good and soy gives a very nasty yogurt) to almost boiling put the pot and all in a bowl of ice water to speed up cooling it down to 110 there abouts. Add 5 tbs of powdered milk to thicken and 1-6oz tub of plain fat free Dannon yogurt for the cultures. Beat gently till smooth and put in my little jars that came with the machine. Cover for the # of hours for 1% and it's done. I love it instead of milk with my cereal or oatmeal. I use a pkt of the dry instant oat meal in a bowl with a jar of the yogurt. Really good.


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I add honey, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and sometimes cocoanut to mine right in the bowl.

I also make my own using a heating pad set on low under the containers.  It's easy.

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Our (in the boonies) grocery store has now started stocking small bottles of sugar free and regular flavored syrups in their coffee section. My kids grew up eating homemade yogurt with a drizzle of raspberry syrup. I used a Sultan brand maker, held five little jars. I added dry milk to boost calcium/protein but I only used about a tablespoon of starter. I'd make a batch everyday and found that the small mouthed 8oz canning jars fit perfectly so I could have enough jars.

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I just discovered the syrups over in the coffee isle yesterday in fact so I will try them. I picked up a bottle of caramel. It's really good in my coffee this morning so I am eager to try that as the flavoring.


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I wonder if I didn't have the temp up enough. I had to go buy a pad that didn't have the safety shut off too. I put it on low per instruction on the web but it just didn't turn out at all. Course the web didn't say to bring the milk to near boil for 2 minutes either. That could have been part of the problem. I like the little machine. Set it and forget it. Thanks for the reply.

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When I do it , I bring the milk close to but not a boil.  Let it cool to just warm, add some of it to the yogurt, then that mix back into the milk.

I put it in containers, heating pad on low overnight with some towels stacked on top to contain the heat.

Not very scientific, but it works for me. 

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I would like to try making my own yogurt.  What do you mean that you put your yogurt on a heating pad overnight?

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I never flavor mine because I use it mostly  in cooking and for savory dips, but you can add honey, chocolate syrup, instant coffee and sugar, vanilla extract, etc to the milk before heating it prior to incubation. The sugar free jello might work too. Try it and report back.

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Awesome. Thanks. I hate wasting ingredients but I should just try it and see what happens. I tried it actually using some metamucil (berry) as the flavoring and my dose of fiber in the morning and ended up dumping the whole batch. I don't recommend it....


Thanks for the reply and love your signature.

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 sugar free jello

You answered my question.  LOL   (SF jello)

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

But, but, it's SUPPOSED to taste like that!

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Many years ago, I read a recommendation to flavor plain yogurts with a spoonful or two of juice concentrate. They have so many kinds now; there is orange, of course, and I don't know what else. I remember using the orange and it worked very well. Just open the canister and put a spoonful or so into your yogurt. Adjust to taste, and store the rest of the concentrate back in the freezer.

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I never even thought of that. Fabulous. Thanks. There are so many juice concentrates now I will have a nice variety. Thank you so much.

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You can use Splenda if you don't want the sugar, but like the taste. Otherwise, as others have posted, just fruit or flavorings (vanilla?). Also, I used to make coffee yogurt with instant coffee.


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That's a suggestion I read about over thirty years ago, and there were surely not so many juice choices then. Good luck to you!

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I use my homemade jams to mix in with the yogurt later.  We also have become addicted to straining our yogurt to the thick greek style.  I like the freezer jams like strawberry and peach best.  I also add frozen blueberries when I want that flavor.

Well, my dairy makes a mocha milk that was a fantastick yogurt flavor....but normally we add flavor later.