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Lemon Cream Cakes, Meringue Question

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Hello All --

I'm thinking of trying to make these frozen lemon cream cakes for a party this weekend. I'm wondering, do you think I can make them completely ahead, short of browning the meringue? I've done some googling that suggests it may be possible to make the meringue that day or the day before and refrigerate, or maybe they can be completely made ahead and stored in the freezer. Does anyone have experience trying to make this ahead?

Last year I made the traditional lemon ice box cake and am really looking forward to giving this one a try.

Thanks so much,


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Lemon cream cakes (post #71361, reply #1 of 2)

Hi Christene!

Sorry, I just saw your question!

I made these cakes for the Cook the Issue Challenge and they are great!  I made mine as a big old tart instead of individual ones-- it worked great.  

You can definitely make the tarts and filling in advance, but I did make the meringue on the spot-- a bit of a challenge, because I had some hyper kids over.  Because the meringue is stabilized with the hot sugar, my thought is that it would keep in the 'fridge for a few hours, but I am leery of keeping any kind of foam for much longer.  It wasn't too much of a pain to make the meringue on the spot-- much like whipping cream.

I hope you do make these, because they are really good!


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Meringue (post #71361, reply #2 of 2)

Sorry that I missed this, just busy busy this weekend.  Probably too late, but I took a look around the Internet and there are various opinions just take a peek at how to store meringues for starters. 

So now what did you have for your party?  I had a fabulous dinner last night for 8 of us.  I'll have to tell you about a recipe that I have made lately and discussed over at CTC. Makes for a fantastic dinner party with a grilled panzanella salad.  Keep in mind the cooking time and meat temperature, I cooked it to 135°-140, sat for 10-15 minutes and was just perfect.   I'll check in later with the recipe or look here.  Well never mind posting the link as it set off a spam filter again, frustrating!  So go take a look at Pork Roasted the Way Tuscans Do.  Joanne Weir