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Lemon Chess Pie

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Yum yum yum, lemon chess pie. Had buttermilk in the fridge, so I thought I'd try making chess pie. I have a standby recipe from Southern Living that I've tinkered with for several years, but I've never been completely happy with the results. I'm reading Gift of Southern Cooking by Scott Peacock and Edna Lewis, so I tried their Lemon Chess Pie. I made the buttery pie crust, subbing Crisco for the 2 tbsp lard and using the food processor. It was flaky and buttery and not greasy. It was a little bit finicky to work with, so I didn't make the cute crimped edge; rustic would be the best way to describe my attempt at crust.


The filling was lemony and sweet, but not "too" either way. I used yellow cornmeal instead of the recommended white, which enhanced the lemony look of the pie. My only adjustment was to bake the pie about 45 minutes longer than the recommended 30 to 40. I used the proper temperature in my convection oven, but this pie really took its time to brown and set.


We kept our mitts off it for 30 minutes before grabbing plates and forks and scarfing down warm pie on a chilly night. Gone is the Southern Living buttermilk chess pie recipe; Peacock & Lewis' Lemon Chess Pie is now my go-to recipe.



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