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Leftover egg yolk recipes?

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Any ideas (besides pots de creme and creme brulee) for using up the 12 or so leftover egg yolks created when making an angel food cake? I'd rather use fresh eggs than buy liquid or dried egg whites.

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Cats love to eat egg yolks.

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You'd need more cats than I like to think about to devour twelve yolks.

Can you use a few of them as shampoo? Make scrambled eggs or frittata with them? Or what about freezing them? (Don't know if that works -- I've never done it, but if you can freeze egg whites, why not yolks?)

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Make a lot of hollandaise, then invite friends over for a brunch of Eggs Benedict.

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1. Zabaglione

2. Homemade Icecream

3. Custards in general e.g. Creme Anglaise (can be same custard as icecream base) Creme Patissiere, Creme Brulee, Creme Caramel, da da da da

4. Mayonnaise

Probably tons more stuff that I'll think of as soon as I sign off.

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Pastry creme and lemon curd.

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After you finish making all those "shi-shi-froo-froo" foods, make some cookies...

c Egg Yolk Paint

c 1 egg yolk
c 1/4 tsp. water
c Food coloring

Mix egg yolk with water and lots of food coloring. Use a paint brush to paint on baked cookies. Return cookies to oven until egg has solidified.

(I vote for the hollandaise and the creme brulee.)

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Now Chef Chiffonade - what does the poor lass do with 11 more egg yolks? Froo-froo is the only way to go unless the cat scores.

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These are all wonderful ideas. I can use every one of them - to heck with the calories (which is why I was making angel food cake to begin with...). Even my cat will be happy. Thank you!!!

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Many cakes use just yolks - Sunshine Cake & Sableuse are just two of many. If you don't want the excess cholesterol, make one & you could give it away.

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Well, sure but it's one yolk per color :)

So you have blue, green, yellow, red, chartreuse, lavender....

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And, raw yolks are very good for them (and, I think, for dogs, too). Somewhere in my mind I'm trying, without luck, to recall if they can get too much--I think not; so, a couple (at least) a day would be a great kitty treat (and, practically a necessity if you feed canned or dried cat food, rather than "BARF"--Bones and Raw Food).

Also, dredging my memory, I think they keep in the fridge for a few days or longer in a glass jar--but covered with water or oil I cannot recall...sorry.

I love all the other ideas, too. My kitty would not be getting as much as he wanted, however, if I did the hollandaise. Man, how I love hollandaise.

Oh, was this mentioned: brush on top of breads before baking?

It will be interesting to learn if they freeze well.


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The Chocolate Mousse recipe I make has more yolks than whites (in fact, I've got a freezer full of leftover whites waiting for me to make meringue).

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You can freeze them if you don't use them all.