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layer cake from Joy

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It's funny, because I frequently turn to Joy of Cooking as a reference manual (How do you roast a turkey? What the heck is a pea shoot? Which pan size should I use?), but I seem to forget that there are hundreds upon hundreds of RECIPES in there, too! Well, for my FIL's bday, I made a very easy and yummy layer cake and chocolate frosting from Joy. It turned out delish -- and you'll all be happy to know that I remembered to make it yesterday to serve today. (BIG GRIN AND WINK!)

My only complaint was that the frosting was ever so slightly gritty -- as if the sugar didn't quite dissolve. I'm sure I was the only one who noticed, but I wonder what went wrong.

Photos and recipes here:
P.S. The clams were from Pam Anderson.

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