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'kosher 'double dill pickles

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Are any of you interested in a quick and easy way to use up those "end-of- the-season" cucumbers?   You just  Google" 'kosher'double dill pickles",then scroll down  to "stay a spell in cook's county" .  My husband calls them "peppy pickles"; I call them "wimpy", because they are not as crisp as I would like, but they are pretty good ,and ready to eat in no time.  I would appreciate any input if anyone here is interested in trying this simple recipe.  The only reason I tried them is because I am still fussing with the pulled pork -can't quite get the BBQ sauce the way I want it.  Homemade pickles will be part of the meal,   along with  homemade buns.Barb41 P.S.  used 2 tsp of instant yeast  for the bun recipe-( bread machine-)-making the buns by hand is a task for another day!   

Edited 9/1/2006 6:59 am ET by barb41