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Know any good no-cook recipes?

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Does anyone know any good recipes that do not require cooking on the stove or in the oven? My house does not have air conditioning, and the outside temperatures are skyrocketing into the hundreds...and staying there. When our house is roasting in the evenings, we just can't bear to start making dinner in any way that would heat up the house. So what entrees could I make that involve minimal heating? 

Please help!

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Too hot to cook! (post #71661, reply #1 of 4)

Hey IBCooking!

That is a great question-- it's getting hot again here too! One possibility is to grill, if you have access to a grill-- but then you have to be outside in the heat. Sometimes people use the slow cooker, which heats up the house less-- but then, who wants a hearty, hot stew when it's 100 outside. Stir-frying is also good-- you have to heat, but it's over really fast!

Your other options depend on what you and the family like to eat-- would they/you be satisfied with salad-for-dinner or sandwiches and a cold soup, or does there have to be a big hunk of protein?

Here are some of my favorites

Summer rolls (

Mean Chef's Vietnamese chicken salad (

Anything with eggs is really quick-- this one is good if you like Brussels Sprouts:

Also fish cooks really quickly-- I liked this one:

Good luck, stay cool, and do let me know if you come up with anything great-- it's going to be 100 here in Chicago on Thursday so we'll need it too!

Cheers, Jen

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No-Cook Recipes (post #71661, reply #2 of 4)

We have an entire category of little-to-no-cooking-required recipes for occasions like this. Lots of good salads, toppings (slap some tapenade on slices of toast. Using the toaster isn’t cooking ; ), super-fresh tomato sauces, smoothies, raw small plates, ideas for cheese plates, sandwiches, pesto, and more fun stuff. Have fun exploring!

-CT Mods

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Here's one (post #71661, reply #3 of 4)

I don't know if this is too much cooking but I saw this on Smitten Kitchen and thought of you:

Cheers, Jen

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You can hit the supermarket (post #71661, reply #4 of 4)

You can hit the supermarket salad bar. Buy some ready cooked chicken in the meat department.

I have a toaster oven (it is a large one) and I do 70% of my cooking in it year round, and more often in the summer. I also have a pressure cooker and use that a lot--for conserving energy and not heating up the kitchen.

Grilling outside. Cook in the microwave--veggies, etc.

Put a fan in the kitchen and do quick sautes like chinese stir fries.  My AC is not all that effective, and our summers are brutally hot plus humid.