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Issue #123

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Okay so I'm not ready for chilled soups yet, but the Korean recipes are so tempting and I happen to have some of the flanken cut short ribs that I usually make Hawaiian Azeka-style.  Maybe a full on Korean dinner as I have the little cucs and tons of green onions.  

Of course the grilled lettuces remain a favotite around here, great for DH the next time we fire up the grill.

No doubt that the two key-lime recipes will make it to the menu and since I have zero luck with making pie crusts the crustless one looks like the one that I'll make first, I even have that cute little gun in the picture.

I haven't read cover to cover yet, but flipping through and landed on the techniques page, that lovely avocado a reminder to make a fantastic buttermilk avocado dressing that I found in one of Debbie Moose's books.  Oops I just flipped to the pages with strawberries and a good reminder to use what I bought the other day, not the best looking strawberries so lots of options there.  

So what is everyone cooking?

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next issue (post #71812, reply #1 of 8)

Hey ICD, you seem to be the first to get the new issue-- I've been watching my mail every day for the dang thing and no-go! I did download the iPad version, though-- I couldn't wait. I agree, the key-lime pie looks great, both versions! The whole issue looks excellent-- my husband was leaning over and reading over my shoulder, especially for the barbecue chicken. That is high on the list because his favorite aunt (she of the free babysitting) loves dark meat chicken.

The whole issue looks super-- I can't wait to see what you make!

Cheers, Jen

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Good Issue (post #71812, reply #2 of 8)

Plenty to drool over in the new issue and I'm organizing my menus for the next week and I'll consider many of the recipe in the issue.  

Grilled chicken recipes from FC are normally pretty good and one article way back, I believe how not to burn the chicken or something like that, was pretty accurate and worked for me.  Also some of the rubs for chicken are fantastic.  You know that you have to make the sitter happy.  

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Korean dinner night (post #71812, reply #3 of 8)

So I did most of the prep work for the Korean dinner and I must say as always is with Asian food there is a lot of prep work, plan wisely and the dinner should go smoothly.  Just an adjustment or two to the ssamjang, I was lazy and decided to use the white bean paste as it was already open aned ended up with the garlic chili sauce for the heat.  DH won't eat it so I can heat it up to my specs of course.  He doesn't care for the flanken ribs, a chicken breast is ready to season tomorrow.

It is all that I can do to keep my hands off the cucs!  Delicious sauce.


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Halibut... (post #71812, reply #4 of 8)

Hey ICD, that Korean meal looks great-- my husband has a minor obsession with Korean food in general and kimchi in specific, so I will have to try out those recipes.

My first recipe from the new issue was the Pan-seared halibut with salmoriglio. I'd never heard of this sauce before, but how can you really go wrong with garlic, lemon, parsley and oregano? The halibut was a bit pricey at the market, but a great foil for the sauce. What really surprised me was how much my daughter, who usually hates little green bits, liked the sauce-- she was practically lapping it up! All this and an easy recipe too-- definitely a keeper!

Looking forward to seeing more of what you-all make from the new issue!

Cheers, Jen

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chicken and pie! (post #71812, reply #5 of 8)

I am really loving this new issue! Tried the Barbecued Chicken Legs recipe (using just thighs) for dinner ( It was great-- moist, juicy meat and a great barbecue sauce-smoky flavor. Aunt Babysitter was very impressed, as dark meat chicken is her favorite. I had some homemade Kansas City-style BBQ sauce (, so I used that instead of making the sauce that went with the recipe.

As an aside, the potato salad was from a Cook's Illustrated recipe-- not bad. I don't usually put celery salt in my potato salad, but it was good.

For dessert, we had the Classic Key Lime Pie, which was enjoyed by all, even the kid. ( I didn't feel like bothering with key limes (been there, done that), so I used regular limes with just a tiny bit of Fiori di Sicilia, an extract with vanilla and citrus ( The pie was great-- smooth and creamy, with just the right balance of sweet and sour. I would totally make this again, it was so easy!

I'm hoping you-all made some lovely food from this issue too-- I can't wait to hear about it!

Cheers, Jen

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Pie (post #71812, reply #8 of 8)

I would have to stand on a chair to take a pretty picture like that!

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Good stuff! (post #71812, reply #6 of 8)

WOW, you've been busy.  I have made the pasta with peas, dills and feta, the turkey and chorizo burger and the pork cutlets.

I would definitely make them all again!!

The pasta was super easy, nice and colourful.  The dish could also be eaten cold so it would be a great addition to a picnic.  I tasted it before adding the lemon and the feta and I thought "meh", but then I added the last two ingredients and WHOA! what a difference!!!

The turkey and chorizo burgers were really yummy and easy as well.  The flavours went together so well.  You can't see it in the picture but there is a big slice of tomato on there too.  

The pork cutlets might've been my favourite out of the 3...ok, not so much the pork but that caper sauce!! was soooooooooo good!  I have re-discovered capers.  I don't know if I already mentioned this but as a child (ok, maybe age 12 or so) I decided I didn't like them and I can't remember why.  My mother NEVER let me get away with "I don't like that" but somehow she let me off the hook with this one.  It has only been in the past 6-8 months that I have started cooking with them and they add such a unique flavour that I am enjoying quite a bit.  Sorry, no picture as I totally forgot!!!

As for the last picture, well I just had to share my pretty breakfast :)

Lots more to try on this issue.





Pasta_and_peas.JPG1.75 MB
IMG_1687.JPG2.02 MB
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breakfast...and capers (post #71812, reply #7 of 8)

Hey kg-- looks like you've been busy too! I agree about the beauty of that breakfast-- mmm, raspberries! I might have to copy you and have waffles tomorrow for breakfast.

I made the pork cutlets too, but I used chicken because that's what I had. Totally agree about the caper sauce, yum. I did use half yogurt to cut the mayo richness-- I like doing that, it gives a nice tang too. My husband and daughter are both nuts for capers-- I buy the Costco-sized jars. Have you ever made pasta puttanesca?

Hey, since this place is about to go dark, want to continue the conversation over on Delphi? Not sure when the exact date will be, but we can't have much more time....

Cheers, Jen