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Ice Cream

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Ice Cream (post #35356)

Tuesday 1 January 2008

Being one of my few addictions, here is a treat
that any ice cream lover will enjoy.

From Michawaya:

"The Original And The Best" ice cream.

These little gems come six to a package.
Ice cream enveloped in confectionary
pouches.  Simply sublime!

They can be found at Trader Joes.  This is a
terrific Japanese ice cream discovery from
last summer.  Vanilla and Chocolate are my
favorites.  The other available flavors are
Mango, Strawberry and Coffee, all not quite
as good as the simple V and C, imo.  TJ
does not carry Vanilla.

As a tasting editorial aside, Mango and Strawberry
flavors are best found in the Mexican ice cream
bars on a stick, and Hagendas makes the best
coffee flavor.

I discovered these at a Korean market, after
having devoured Haitai Melon ice cream on a
stick, another bit of heaven, but not as elegant
as the Mochi.  It was just a few months ago
that I found Mochi at TJ, and cheaper.