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I wrecked dinner

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AND HOW! Invited good friends for dinner on Friday for ribs -being summer and all. I've made the asian spiced ribs from FC many times with raves. Friday, the fire was too hot, I'd remembered they took longer on the grill than suggested and DIDN'T CHECK them. They were burnt burnt burnt! Thankfully, these were GOOD friends. One helped me try to cut them and we decided to make extra sauce added some chicken stock and soaked the dried up burnt ribs in it before serving. -it only helped a little. The next night, I grilled at a friends. Needless to say, I was checking things every three minutes.

Here's to VERY GOOD FRIENDS for dinner!


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I've done the same once or twice. Thank goodness our family and friends love us.

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I went through about a year when every cake I baked for a birthday party at the office was a disaster. The worst was a cake full of nuts and orange rind. I had cleaned the stove earlier in the day and unknowingly changed the setting from bake to broil. The top of the cake was scorched and a bit crisp. I think I cut off the top part of the cake, melted about a half-ton of chocolate and dumped it on top. Of course, with all the chocolate, the cake was edible!

Between the Alps and the Chesapeake Bay:
Where Food and Culture Intersect

Margie Between the Alps and the Chesapeake Bay: Where Food and Culture Intersect
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I left a loaf of whole wheat bread in the oven all night a few nights ago. Guess I didn't hear the timer. No more baking at bedtime.

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OMG, that reminds me of something I would do!

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"I can make the same thing 1,000 times, but if I invite someone new over to eat, I'll burn it or ruin it somehow"

Me too!