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I need a quick, delicious tiramisu re...

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2 cups mascarpone cheese

3 cups heavy cream

1/4 cup powdered sugar

1/2 tsp.vanilla

3 Tab. coffee liqueur

1 tsp. instant coffee

1 10" sponge cake

1/4 cup cocoa powder

combine mascarpone cheese,cream,sugar,vanilla,coffee liqueur,and instant coffee in a mixing bowl and whip until stiff.

Split sponge cake in half,creating a top and bottom layer.Spread cream mixture on bottom layer and replace top half of cake.Refrigerate for 1 hour.Just before serving,dust top of cake with cocoa powder.

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Current issue of Fine Cooking has an interesting version.

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My first attempt at this was a disaster. I didn't
know that there are soft ladyfingers and more
solid ladyfingers. I haven't looked at this site
yet, just bookmarked it for the time I try this

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There's a good one in the Il Fornaio Baking Book which is pretty good. It's not quick though, unless you cheat a bit a buy a store bought sponge-like cake. It's definately worth it to make it, cake and all.

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Try to find Cooking Light of about 2 years ago it(tiramasu)is on the cover. Sorry I can't be more specific. It may be "low fat" but it was the best tiramasu I have eaten.

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James & KitchenGoddess, Cooking Light has a recipe search site.

Go to

Click on search recipe, and input tiramisu. It will bring up two recipes for you. The first one is probably the one you had. Now you don't have to go hunting for the magazine!