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How to dilute vinegar in a recipe

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I have made some BBQ sauce and the recipe called for way too much vinegar - is there any way to dilute this without just adding more of the other ingredients?


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No, I don't think so.  I'm sorry...



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Thank you for your time.  I'll keep checking back to see if you may find something.

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Paula, I checked a few books.  Looks like you are going to have to make another batch, or half-batch depending on how much vinegar you used, without the vinegar, and mix.  Sorry - but the upside is that BBQ sauce lasts a long time in the 'fridge and you won't have to make any next time!

Sorry - I wish I could have helped...



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That's what I was afraid.  Again, thank you for your time.

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You are very welcome.  Any time.



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Add some brown sugar.

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Coming late to the discussion but for my taste you can't have too much vinegar.  I always suggest for my pulled pork that if you can't make a vinegary BBQ sauce then dilute commercial BBQ sauce half/half with vinegar.  Just another taste/voice.


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I was working with some concentrated acetic acid yesterday and that reminded me how volatile acetic acid is. Can you try giving the stuff a good hard boil, then see if it's still too strong? That should drive off the acids and concentrate the flavors, I think. Is there a chemist in the house? Am I way off base? (heh heh)

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Somehow that is not working for me--it will drive off the water and concentrate the acid in my mind.  Vinegar is 5% or less acid.


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Welcome back! Have fun?  Did you wave when you past by Texas?  What is the name of the magazine again? I have been looking and can't find it.

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Have you tried adding just a pinch of baking soda? (Not baking powder)



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diluting vinegar in a recipe (post #27422, reply #12 of 13)

I did not  do this with BBQ sauce -  I did it with a Blue Cheese dressing.  I had purchased some delicious raw cave ripened blue cheese from Italy -  very expensive  - so  I found what I thought was a 5 star recipe on the web that used White wine vinegar and just a slight splash of red  wine vinegar -  It was  awful and  I  was  furious and yes  I followed  the recipe correctly.

I used about 1/8 tsp of Baking Soda and about 1Tablespoon  plus 1  tsp of sugar -  whipped it all up and  that did the trick!  Fixed and now delicious.

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 I am waiting to hear the (post #27422, reply #13 of 13)

 I am waiting to hear the answer. Vinegar is an interesting feature in itself already. If you use it properly.