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Honeycup Mustard?

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I think the Canadians will have to help me with this.  I'm making some sweet potato biscuits with ham as appetizers and the authentic version calls for Honeycup Mustard.  I'm not going to have time to mail order some and probably won't use a whole jar anyway.  Is there something I can mix into regular Dijon to make it similar to the original Honeycup?

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A couple spoonfuls of good honey should do the trick... I've had Honeycup mustards before (they are yummy!). Honey and dijon mustard isn't a perfect recreation, but it should work well.

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I happen to have a bottle so here are some of the main ingredients...Brown sugar, cider vinegar,canola oil, mustard flour, honey...the rest of the ingredients won't help you at all...hopefully the listed ones will help a least a bit.

edited to add that Honeycup mustard is sweet yet spicy so perhaps when it mentions mustard powder if you have any hot mustard powder (Colmans) in the house perhaps give some a try.  My suggestionn would be doing some taste experimenting before you finalize what you want.

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That's the thing -- the heat.  I know it's more/different than honey-mustard.  It's described as sweet-hot.  I couldn't figure out what the heat should come from -- pepper type (cayenne) or something else.  I think you're right -- some hot mustard powder (also not in my spice rack!).  Maybe I should go the reverse -- take some spicey Gouldons mustard and add honey.

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I have an easy recipe for sweet 'n hot mustard that can be made into a honey mustard if you are interested.


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I'd like to see your recipe suggestion, please.  Whenever you get around to it. The little two-bite sweet potato biscuits are out of the oven and will go into the freezer.  Putting them together with the ham on Friday night. 

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Easy enough.

3-4 oz. mustard powder (I use the cheap stuff from WalMart, etc.)
1C vinegar--white or cider
Combine the mustard and vinegar in the top of a double boiler. If you have time, let it sit for up to overnight.

Mix 3/4C sugar and 2 eggs.  Add to mustard mix and mix well. Cook over simmering water for 30 minutes, stiring occasionally.

I have mixed this with honey to make honey mustard.

I was in Safeway out in Denver at some time when they were demo-ing a "hot 'n sweet" mustard.  I tasted it, and said--That's mine.  They looked interested, asked if mine had eggs, and I said yes.

It is good on sandwiches, to dip cheese cubes in, pretzels, etc.


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Thanks!  Sounds easy enough and like the right condiment for the han and biscuits. 

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I'll tell you something else that is good on ham biscuits. Cream butter, brown sugar, a bit of cloves, and some mustard (just "yaller"). Spread on hot biscuits or the small yeast rolls for a nice little ham bite.