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help with frozen mussels

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Are they still good?  Would a fast steam make them edible?  Thanks, Rich

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I buy frozen mussels a  good bit. Did you freeze them (by mistake) or is it a package?


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It's a package that was frozen in the shell by the store.  I was going to try a quick steam but doubt that they will pop open like fresh ones.  Thanks, Rich

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The commercially frozen ones do.


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Gretchen is correct, they will open. The only mussels we get here are frozen, one type comes raw, in the shell with a creamy garlic sauce, these I put while frozen in a glass bowl, cover and microwave, they are yummy. The other is on the half shell--these I usually put a garlic-herb butter on and bake.

Actually, my local fish market recently had a bunch of steamer clams freeze by accident. She gave me a bag to test and I steamed them in the usual way. There was about the same small amount of ones that didn't open as there are in the live ones??